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Gwen Stefani Gushes Over First Year of Marriage to Blake Shelton


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Gwen Stefani is “Just a Girl” who is enjoying every aspect of her first year of marriage to Blake Shelton. The California native is gushing over the country lifestyle on her beau’s farmland in Oklahoma. She seems happier than ever, comparing planting seeds to manifesting her dreams.

Stefani and Shelton are celebrating their upcoming first year of marriage this July. Since their intimate wedding they have been reportedly head over heels for one another. Even though it wasn’t the wedding Stefani originally imagined, she’s expressed that there was the perfect amount of people in attendance.

Since then, Stefani and Shelton have shared adorable details of their marriage, as well as their time living in Shelton’s Oklahoma residence. Even though the celebrity couple is extremely busy with work, they’ve found the time to enjoy their lives together.

“The marriage is so fun and I’m so into it. I feel very blessed,” Stefani said. “Notice how you didn’t have to ask me? I just said that I love the marriage.”

Stefani shared that Shelton is her best friend in the entire world and they’re always having so much fun together. The popstar shared that there current project is gardening at their Oklahoma residence.

Gwen Stefani Compares Gardening to Her Career Path

Before sharing any details about their renovation, Stefani expressed that they always choose to do things in a major way. The couple is currently planting daffodils, tulips, and zinnias. They had already planted bulbs and wildflower seeds. While she was at the interview, Shelton was tilling the land and digging a well.

While Stefani prefers to pay someone to do hard tasks, Shelton prefers to do them himself. The popstar revealed that her husband texted her an hour before the interview saying that he was working in the field. Stefani has gotten into working on the land with Shelton despite their differences.

Out of all the activities, Stefani notes that she enjoys planting seeds. She sees planting physical seeds as a rewarding activity. The popstar thinks that seed planting was already a huge thing in her life before Shelton.

“I think about all the different seeds that were planted in my life. The seeds of faith. The seeds of these ideas of these wild ideas I had that actually came true. Even then one to fall in love with Blake,” Stefani said. “It’s crazy cause now I’m going to go back there and plant so many flowers and they’re gonna bloom, it’s so exciting.”

She ended her comparison explaining that there’s relevance between physical and metaphorical seeds. It’s clear that this celebrity believes in the power of manifestation.

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