The Four

‘The Four’s Zhavia Drops Her Video For ‘Welcome to the Party’

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. The Four’s Zhavia Ward released her first track. Sure, she doesn’t sing much and it’s with Diplo, French Montana, and Lil Pump, but whatever. You have to start somewhere and a featured song on the wildly successful Deadpool 2 soundtrack ain’t to shabby.

The video features Diplo, French Montana, and Lil Pump hanging out at a club when suddenly Zhavia is there. I don’t know what sort of club let’s a girl as young as Zhavia in or what those adult men are doing there, but let’s ignore that. There is also some fire in a junk yard or something and Zhavia singing through the flames.

Fans were disappointed that the song didn’t feature Zhavia more prominently. At least she gets to run over Deadpool in a truck. Does she only have her learner’s permit?