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First Look At The New Contestants on ‘American Idol’ 2023

Luke Bryan on the 'American Idol' setLuke Bryan

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We are officially only weeks away from the premiere of American Idol season 21. There are tons of new artists that are currently waiting to be discovered in the new season. Check out the new artists and find out everything you need to know ahead of the February 19 season premiere.


Contestants on American Idol Season 21

Kaylin Hedges

New York City based singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor Kaylin Hedges is among the artists appearing on American Idol this season. Outside of appearing in various theater productions, films, and TV shows, she records and releases her own music.

Drake Walden

Drake Walden is an up and coming young singer that is currently unknown for the most part. He has 1,000 followers on Instagram, 11 subscribers on YouTube, and 135 followers on TikTok. To get an idea of his style, check out his “Cryin in The Rain” by Alex Lambert cover.

Hannah Alexandra

This hopeful is an independent artist hailing from Miami, Florida. Her love for music began at a young age, when she first discovered her love of dance. Since then, Hannah has embraced her love of music through playing the piano and singing.

Carina DeAngelo

If you’ve seen the third season of TLC’s Smothered, you may recognize this hopeful. Carina DeAngelo is a Hawaii native that’s known for swapping panties, and sharing beds and showers with her mother. Outside of the reality series, Carina is an aspiring recording artist and small business owner.

Kevin John

Kevin John is a Nashville, Tennessee, based artist with over 53,000 followers on TikTok. Ahead of American Idol, he’s released various singles, including “Heart’s Home,” “Changes,” and “Say Yes.” Outside of singing, he hosts a podcast named KJ and BB, with professional dancer Brandon Ellis.

Carlton Ellis

This up and coming singer is known on Instagram as myhonest_opinon. Although he only has 1,000 followers, he’s posted tons of song covers, and even a demo.

Mariah Faith

Mariah Faith is a singer that has blown up on TikTok multiple times. Although she posts lifestyle content for the most part, she also duets musicians to show off her beautiful voice.

Jon Wayne Hatfield

This 21 year old is an country artist that has quite the discography under his belt. Ahead of American Idol he’s released eight singles and racked in over 33,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.


This 21 year old singer/songwriter is also an extremely talented musician that was discovered by Postmodern Jukebox. Her debut recording was shared by Postmodern Jukebox when she was only 14 years old. In current day, this video has over 23 million views on YouTube.

Tyson Venegas

Tyson Venegas is an up and coming 17 year old singer that’s shared tons of covers on social media. Ahead of American Idol it seems as if he’s unknown for the most part, since he has 4,000 followers on Instagram, 479 followers on TikTok, and 1,390 subscribers on YouTube.


PJAE is a soul, jazz and pop artist hailing from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He can be seen on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube sharing songs on the daily. He currently has over 1,000 followers on Instagram, 639 followers on TikTok, and 84 subscribers on YouTube.

Michael Williams

This is the first of the list that’s a familiar face, if you’ve seen The Voice. In 2020, Michael competed on The Voice at only 18 years old. Although his audition was incredible, only new coach Nick Jonas turned his chair for him. The singer competed up until he was eliminated in the Live Playoffs.

Caroline Kole

Caroline Kole is a pop singer that currently has over 282,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Ahead of American Idol, she has quite the discography. She’s released three albums, and several singles.

Alison Ogden

This singer is a 22 year old R&B and pop artist that is currently based in Los Angeles, California. Alison began singing and writing music after being inspired by Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, and Queen.

Owen Eckhardt

Owen Eckhardt is an aspiring country and folk artist hailing from Oklahoma. He currently has two singles on Spotify, “Broken Memories” and “Nashville.”

Kya Monee

Season 21 will be Kya Monee’s second time auditioning for American Idol. Originally, she auditioned for Season 19 where she performed alongside Willie Spence in the Hollywood Round. She was eliminated when the judges cut the cast to 24.

Avalon Young

Season 21 will also be Avalon Young‘s second time auditioning for American Idol, she originally appeared in American Idol season 15. In 2021, the singer revealed that she was suffering from brain cancer and needed financial assistance.

Marybeth Byrd

If you’re a fan of The Voice, you probably recognize Marybeth Byrd. She appeared on The Voice season 17 as part of Team Legend, where she finished in 7th or 8th place.

Megan Danielle

Megan Danielle was also featured on The Voice as part of Team Kelly in season 18. She was only 17 when she impressed Kelly Clarkson and joined Team Kelly by default. She was eliminated in the semifinals.

Malik Heard

Last but certainly not least is Malik Heard, who was on The Voice season 10. In his audition, he sang “Chains” by Nick Jonas and turned the chairs of Pharrell Williams and Christina Aguilera. After joining Team Christina, he competed in both the Battle and Knockout Rounds. Unfortunately, he was eliminated in the Knockout Rounds.

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Margo Louise payne age 60
Margo Louise payne age 60
1 year ago

Thank you for giving me the opportunity I enjoy listening to you guys how you talk to people you do a good thing a lot of people they seem to sing from their heart and that’s what brings them out thank you all for helping them out God bless

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