Find Out Which 10 Acts Are Performing on ‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ This Week

piff the magic dragon america's got talent championsJulia Delbel | Talent Recap

It’s almost time for another episode of America’s Got Talent: The Champions!

Once again, 10 acts will compete for two spots in the finals, and AGT has released a video featuring a short introduction for each one of them on their YouTube channel!

Between last week’s episode and this upcoming one, I’d say Champions is doing a very good job of making each episode feel like a true variety show. This Monday’s episode will feature stand-up comedian Taylor Williamson, danger duo Deadly Games, and juggler Viktor Kee.

This lineup does have two group acts and three singers, but each is very distinct as their own thing among the rest of the performers. Our ensemble acts are light-up dance group Light Balance and jump-rope crew DDF Crew. (Will the latter have morphed into a boy band like last week’s Justice Crew?) This week’s vocalists are rock-n-roller Courtney Hadwin, ventriloquist Darci Lynne, and Spain’s Got Talent’s Cristina Ramos.

We actually have two dog acts this week as well, though only one of them would most likely qualify under that category in a traditional sense. Piff the Magic Dragon is a magician “assisted” by the adorable Mr. Piffles. Ashleigh and Sully is the only Champions act to feature a performer who never performed on a previous Got Talent stage; Ashleigh previously competed with a different dog, Pudsey, and Sully is a newcomer to the franchise.

Who are you rooting for this week? Let us know in the comments below!


Julia Delbel
Julia Delbel

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