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Fans of ‘The Voice’ Are Furious After the App Leaked the Winner Prematurely

Girl Named Tom Wendy Moten the voice finaleTrae Patton/NBC

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The Voice finale was set up as a celebration of music, but lacked one giant aspect of the show: the actual contestants. The series lined up great performances like Ed Sheeran, Jennifer Lopez, and Alicia Keys, but fans didn’t love it. After the Top 5 sang with their coaches, there was a long period of time where they weren’t even mentioned or seen.

Although bringing in big names in music seemed like a great idea, it quickly became a concert series. Eliminations weren’t staggered throughout the entire night. It felt like there was a long time where the Top 5 weren’t even mentioned in the second hour. Fans were furious about this lack of Top 5 content, but they were even more mad that the show leaked the winner.

The Voice App Leaks Winner of the Competition

The Voice changed time slots for night two of the finale. Normally, the two hour shows are from 8 to 10 p.m. ET. Last night, the finale was from 9 to 11 p.m. ET. When The Voice wasn’t showing up on the T.V. schedule, many people probably turned to the app to figure out when it was actually airing.

When fans were in the app, they noticed that something was off. In the artists category, Girl Named Tom was already announced as the winner of the show. Some fans have shared that they noticed this glitch three hours before the show, when others have shared that it was as early as right after voting closed on Tuesday morning.

Many fans originally shared that they thought this was a rumor, but it unfortunately wasn’t. After the finale was over, people flooded the comments of The Voice‘s social media sharing that this leak happened. With such a long finale it was kind of anticlimactic for those who already knew the winner.

Some fans on Twitter have shared that they saw the leak but continued to watch the finale to see if it was true. Many fans of Wendy Moten were hoping that it was purely a glitch. In the end, Girl Named Tom did win season 21 of The Voice. While many rushed to congratulate the sibling trio for being the first group to ever win the show, the fan disappointment in how the finale was handled is clear.

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2 years ago

I think they could of handled this situations of a little bit better maybe we would like the voice more better.

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