Fans Convinced T-Shirt Accidentally Revealed Winner Of ‘Masked Singer’ Season 3

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If there is one thing we know its that people absolutely love the novelty of watching The Masked Singer. Guessing which celebrities are underneath the masks and listening to the judge’s guesses is part of the allure of the show so much so that they started selling merch featuring some of the contestants. One shirt in particular though had people talking as it featured season one winner, The Monster, season two winner The Fox, and season three contestant, The Frog. It had people wondering, why The Frog featured on a shirt with only winners.

A YouTuber Exposed Fox For Promoting The Shirt

YouTuber Joey Contino spoke about the t-shirt in a recent video. He said he saw the shirt in an advertisement while he was watching The Masked Singer. He said that the shirt had the previous two winners of the show on it with a picture of The Frog on one side of the shirt. This continued to cause people to speculate whether or not The Frog will win season three of the show.

Contino did raise the question however of whether or not they were just using The Frog’s picture as a placeholder for whoever wins this season. He predicts that maybe the shirt will be available after the show’s finale when the true winner of the show will be revealed to the audience. The image of the winner will then be swapped out with the picture of The Frog. People took to the comments on Contino’s video to discuss whether or not this theory about the frog could be true.


People Took To The YouTube Comments To Express Their Shock Over This Revelation

One person wrote “Way to go, Masked Singer management! Put a shirt out with the three winners on it before the third winner is even announced.” This person is convinced that The Frog actually does win the show. While another person commented that they “don’t like The Frog at all.” It seems like if The Frog does win the show, some people would actually be disappointed.

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Another person was not convinced that The Frog ends up winning the show. She thinks it is just an error on behalf of the merchandisers due to the comparisons that the judges constantly make between last season’s winner, The Fox, and The Frog.

In addition to that there was yet another comment about how The Frog is not necessarily the best singer on the show. We have seen legendary singers like Dionne Warwick get booted from the show while those who are not so great of singers remain on the show. He said, “there are much better singers still on than frog.”

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The Judges Are Unsure Of Who The Frog Is

The judges have been torn about who is underneath The Frog mask. They often guess that it could be Ludacris or Omarion. But fans are convinced that The Frog is actually rapper Bow Wow. There were several clues in the clue packages that referenced the show 106 & Park, the show that Bow Wow hosted, not to mention his musical talent is pretty evident.


The Masked Singer finale is set to air on May 27 so only then will we truly know who actually wins the show. Until then, you can catch episodes of The Masked Singer every Wednesday on Fox to see if your favorites make it through to the finals.


Samantha Agate
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