Exclusive: The Clairvoyants Hit The Road With Human Phenomenon Based Family Act

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The Clairvoyants on 'America's Got Talent' Las Vegas LivePhoto by Denise Truscello/Getty Images for America's Got Talent LIVE

America’s Got Talent alum The Clairvoyants, Thommy Ten and Amélie van Tass, are set to embark on their own tour in 2023. The mastermind mentalists will perform in Canada, The United Kingdom and The United States. Here’s everything to know about their upcoming performances.

The Clairvoyants Set to Tour in 2023

After a year performing with America’s Got Talent Las Vegas Live the couple has taken the opportunity to perform a tour of their own. Their touring series is set to include Amélie’s outstanding guesses, as well as tricks by Thommy and their dog, Mr. Koni Hundini.

The couple is looking forward to their upcoming tour, especially since each date is in person. Although they continued performing throughout the coronavirus pandemic, they admit that a live audience is their kryptonite.

“Of course, we learned a lot through the online shows. So there is so much more possible than we originally thought it was,” Amélie said. “But being back on stage… we missed it so much.”

The Experience is Different Every Night

The Clairvoyants explained that their entire act is based on the audience on a nightly basis. The reactions are what the couple consider “the real thing” and “the real magic.” it’s arguably the reason they strive to give it their all each night.

While describing their show, the couple continually mentioned the fact that each night is different. Since their performance is based on the audience, they will never have the same show twice.

“When we bring them on stage, it’s about their thoughts, or about the objects they’re bringing into the show,” Thommy said. “And we’ve never know what that is what they bring, what they’re thinking about.”

In addition to the couple’s act seen on America’s Got Talent, they have recently introduced a new part of their act, their furry friend Mr. Koni Hundini. It turns out that Amélie isn’t the only mind reader of the family. Within each show, Koni will battle head to head with Thommy in a mind reading contest.

The Clairvoyants Are Going Into Their Upcoming Tour As a Married Couple

This America’s Got Talent couple recently tied the knot in Las Vegas. After performing for quite some time in Sin City, the two decided to explore the city’s romantic side. Thommy and Amélie chose to wed privately at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas on October 30.

“We said, You know what, let’s get married there. We don’t tell it to anyone. It will be our secret only the two of us and Koni, of course, the dog, and then we just did it,” Thommy said. “We surprised everyone after it; when we came back to our families and friends and told them about it, everyone was happy and they’re still happy and we’re happy.”

They considered their wedding a “great ending of this whole year being and performing in Las Vegas.” After the wedding, the couple indulged in their favorites, salad and pizza.

Their Show Evolves Along With Them

For those who may not remember, The Clairvoyants rose to fame as part of America’s Got Talent season 11, where they placed in second. They later returned to the stage for AGT: The Champions.

Even though Thommy and Amélie rose to fame as a couple on the series, Amélie admitted that their love wasn’t a love at first sight type of experience.

“I think it was over the course of time, where we got to know each other. And I can’t really say that there was a specific moment or a specific day, it just developed over these two years, where we then figured out oh, there is so much more,” she said. “It grows every day with every new memory we make.”

As this couple continues to travel the world and share their love of the inner workings of a human, it’s evident that their show evolves with time. Their shows have clearly transformed with time, in the same way that their relationship has.

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