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Dipper Scott Stars in His First Music Video Following ‘Alter Ego’

Dipper Scott aka Jake Thomsen on 'Alter Ego'Photo by: Greg Gayne/FOX

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FOX has officially shared Dipper Scott’s first music video following Alter Ego. Dipper Scott, also known as Jake Thomsen, was announced as the inaugural winner of this series in December 2021. At this time, it is unknown whether this show will return or not.

On June 27, FOX published Dipper Scott’s first music video to their YouTube channel. The music video features “Sanity” which was originally heard earlier this year. Once again, “Sanity” is a slow song about someone maintaining their mental health after a significant person leaves their life. The song features an electric beat and string instruments that complement the singer’s voice beautifully.

Thomsen’s Alter Ego, Dipper Scott is seen throughout the entire video. The character features the same purple skin, dark hair, and skinny jeans that were first seen on the show, the avatar isn’t much different than what was seen on the series. Throughout the video, there’s intercutting between Dipper Scott and Thomsen. Thomsen is often seen as a silhouette until the end of the video, when he’s fully shown.


On the day of the song’s release, the Alter Ego Instagram account shared a promotional video for the song. This video has gained over 3,000 views and almost 200 likes. Thomsen has not shared the video to his personal social media platforms.

This singer was last seen performing “lovely” by Billie Eilish and Khalid on his piano. The video’s comment section is filled with support of the Alter Ego singer. Thomsen revealed that there might be more music on the rise when he responded to a fan saying they wished he had more music on Apple Music. He wrote back “soon” with a red heart.

Dipper Scott is Crowned as The First Winner of Alter Ego

Dipper Scott was the clear winner of Alter Ego from the first moment he took the stage. Right from the get-go the judges loved his personality, voice, and virtual character. Throughout the competition, the singer expressed that he used his avatar as a way to perform even with his ongoing health issues.

Thomsen revealed that he struggles with crohn’s disease in the competition and explained that he would use the cash prize to help pay medical bills. Near the end of the competition, this singer revealed that he thought he would have to withdraw, since he was in the hospital at the beginning of the filming period. Since this was mentioned a bunch, judge Will.I.Am offered to help pay the bills and take pressure off the singer.

While the fate of this series remains uncertain, it’s clear that Thomsen and Will.I.Am have some great songs on the way. Fans are hoping to see more songs like “Sanity” in the near future.

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