Darren Criss Handpicked Adam Lambert for Jazzy Christmas Duet

Corey Cesare
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Adam Lambert and Darren CrissNBC/The Kelly Clarkson Show

Yesterday, Darren Criss and Adam Lambert were guest performers on The Kelly Clarkson Show. They performed their newest Christmas duet, “(Everybody’s Waitin’ For) The Man With The Bag.” These vocalists impressed the audience with their jazzy tune, and Criss shared that he personally selected the Clash of the Cover Bands judge to sing it with him.

Darren Criss Personally Chose Adam Lambert for This Duet

When albums contain multiple duets, it’s not uncommon for labels to choose who the collaborations will be. Criss credits the success of his album with the fact that he was in charge of picking the singers featured. He announced this is one of his most personal albums, so he wanted his duets to be personal as well.

“This wasn’t like label meetings and people calling artists, it’s just me, my phone like ‘hey man can you do this thing with me?'” said Criss. “Obviously, Adam is an extraordinary vocalist and mainly doing rock and pop stuff nowadays, but he has a real jazz pedigree.”

Since the announcement of this project, Criss stated the tunes on this album have been around, but aren’t always at the top of people’s holiday playlists. He wanted his album to be different and provide a unique experience to people.

Criss shared that “(Everybody’s Waitin’ For) The Man With The Bag” is one of his favorite Christmas tunes. Since he has a huge love for the song, he knew that Lambert would be perfect for a jazzy rendition.

“‘Everybody’s Waiting For The Man With the Bag’ is a highly chromatic song with a lot of very distinct half notes and stuff that I really want somebody who was, you know, had that ability and doesn’t get the opportunity to do it alot,” said Criss. “So I asked him and I can’t believe I got him to do it. He sounds incredible on it.”

Talk show host, and fellow American Idol alum, Kelly Clarkson said that Lambert is an incredible vocalist and agreed with Criss that their song is incredible. Criss called his duet partner a “Mustang” and shared that he enjoyed writing the piece for someone of such nature.

“(Everybody’s Waitin’ For) The Man With The Bag” Music Video Premiere

The singers performed their newest song live on yesterday’s episode of the show. Today, the music video for the song premiered, giving off a fun “Old Hollywood” vibe with its looks and music. Within the music video, the two superstars are setting up a ploy to catch Santa Claus under the tree.

This video is fun because of the story line, but it’s also pretty obvious that both of the singers aren’t acting within it. Their rapport really shows that Criss actually chose Lambert from his personal contact list. Fans are absolutely eating up Criss’ newest album, especially this all star duet.

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