Dancer Creates Stunning Illusions With His Body On ‘Arabs Got Talent'[VIDEO]

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Salah Benlemqawanssa who goes by his stage name Salah The Entertainer is very well known in the dance world for his amazing artistry. His talent has propelled him to win three different talent competition shows. Check out his journey on Arabs Got Talent in 2015.

Salah The Entertainer Blew The Judges Away On ‘Arabs Got Talent’

The Morrocan and Algerian dancer from Paris, France first began dancing in 1995. He was inspired by other dancers that moved their bodies to create wave-like movements. Salah worked on his flexibility and strength and was ready to show off his skills on Arab’s Got Talent. He had previously won the first season of France’s Got Talent in 2006.

His aim for this audition was to give the judges and the audience the best memories of him. He started off the routine creating illusions with his fingers to a soft piano track. He made his way down to the floor where he did some incredibly difficult moves that took a lot of balancing skills. Salah removed his jacket as the music sped up and did a backbend.


He did some intense body-popping and even made his stomach do the wave. Salah did an inverted handstand and finished off the routine with some hard-hitting moves. The judges were more than impressed with his routine and said that after becoming such an international star, it was on honor to have him on the Arabs Got Talent stage. He was of course voted into the next round of the competition and was later declared the winner of season four of Arabs Got Talent.

Where Is Salah Now?

After winning Arabs Got Talent, Salah continued his winning streak. In 2017, Salah won the fourth season of the Italian competition show called Tú sí que vales. After two decades of building his dance career, Salah has quite the resume of incredible achievements. He has won numerous competitions and even been brought on talent shows as a judge. In 2019 performed in the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final.

“What’s completely different now is that when I come to competitions, it’s my name and the audience expects to see something,” he said in an interview with Red Bull. “For the older names, the audience is crossing their arms and they look at you. Even if you do a good move, they don’t clap.”

Now at 41 years old, Salah still posts dance videos on Instagram for his 184,000 followers. While the coronavirus pandemic has kept him from performing live on stage recently, he is eager to get back out in the world and perform in front of his fans. “I AM MISSING SO MUCH TO BE ON STAGE!” he wrote on Instagram. “I really hope soon I can share again my art…till then…enjoy that moment.”


Salah continues to inspire so many people to get up and dance and we hope that he can return to the stage soon to show off his raw talent.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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