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Samantha (Just Sam) Diaz

FULL NAME: Samantha Diaz AKA Just Sam
HOMETOWN: Harlem, New York
BIRTHDAY: November 23, 1998
AGE: 24
BIO: Samantha AKA Just Sam gained national recognition when she won the 18th season of American Idol in 2020. After repeatedly impressing the judges, she was crowned as the first American Idol winner to use a stage name, as well as the first winner to openly identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Before American Idol, Just Sam got her start as a performer in the New York City subway. She would meet up with her sister and friends after school and earn money through live performances. Ahead of winning the singing series, she also auditioned for America’s Got Talent and The Voice, but her auditions were never aired.

In 2021, Just Sam opened up about her departure from Hollywood records. After leaving the company she had to pay for the music already recorded with the label. The singer expressed that she invested in herself and ended up broke in the long run. Even though she’s having financial difficulties, Just Sam hopes to release music in the near future.

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