FULL NAME: Chayce Beckham
HOMETOWN: Apple Valley, California
BIRTHDAY: July 18, 1996
AGE: 26
BIO: Chayce Beckham became a household name following his American Idol performance of his original song “23.” This song hit No. 1 on the iTunes chart the day after it aired on ABC. Many fans believe this single won the series for him.

This American Idol winner’s earliest memory of music was playing guitar at three years old in his grandmother's home. Beckham worked as a heavy machinery operator before auditioning for American Idol. He also performed in a reggae band called the Singing Sailors before going solo for Idol.

Beckham turned his life around before auditioning for the singing series. The singer opened up on the show about how a drunk driving accident forced him to change his lifestyle. During this transition, he moved back in with his mother and step-father who convinced him to audition for American Idol.

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