Contestant’s Odd Cirque Du Soleil Performance Bores Simon Cowell


35-year-old Livia walked on to the X Factor UK stage with a whole group of backup dancers. Calling themselves Livia and the Elementals, they delivered a very confusing and unenthusiastic performance. Livia’s calm singing was not the only thing the judges were unimpressed by. They were also confused about her Cirque Du Soleil inspired performance that they had going on. The group looked very uninterested to be there and their dancing had no type of rhythm or excitement.

Who are Livia & The Elementals

Livia walked on to the stage with an ensemble of five behind her who were all dressed in odd performance clothing and glitter on their face. The group who call themselves the Elementals did not seem to plan before the audition as they were all dressed differently and most didn’t seem they wanted to be there. Simon Cowell starts by cracking a joke on the dancers asking if their happy to be there.

Cowell is not the only one with questions, as judge Robbie Williams tells them they look like they are here to pay for a parking ticket.

“This is quit scary come on,” she tells the judges. Letting them know auditioning isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially as a group.

The Elementals Strange Performance

Even though Livia is the main singer of the group it was hard to keep your attention on her. Her five back up dancers deliver a very out of rhythm performance in the back ground with different colored cloths. It was already a very distracting audition with the glitter on their faces, odd outfits and their awkward personalities.

Following the short performance, Cowell does not let Livia continue singing her song. even though most of the camera was on the Elementals the whole time.

“In my opinion I don’t mean to be rude, it was the most unenthusiastic performance I’ve ever seen,” he said.

The group did not seem too happy about this criticism. Robbie Williams told them it was more like “Cirque Du no way.” Louis Tomlinson ends the critiques by politely thanking them for coming.

Despite negative comments, Livia continues to sing. On her Youtube channel she has one song that she came out last year called “Natural High” which is the song they are seen performing in her audition for X Factor UK.


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