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Charli D’Amelio to Compete On ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 31

Charli D'Amelio at Michael Rubin's MLBPA x Fanatics PartyPhoto by Leon Bennett/Getty Images

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TikTok star Charli D’Amelio reportedly ready to put her dancing shoes on for the next season of Dancing With the Stars. The 18 year old has a vast history in dance, so many wonder how she’ll do in the ballroom.

On August 25, TMZ reported that Charli D’Amelio and her mother Heidi have been signed to join the 31st season of Dancing With the Stars. Reports state that the D’Amelio family members will not be performing together on the series, instead they will be competing against one another.

The 18 year old has proven herself as a dancer on TikTok, where she publishes videos for an audience of 145,700 million followers. Throughout her years on the app, she’s been open about her passion for dance and the fact that she began training as a child. As for Heidi D’Amelio, we’re not sure how much dance experience she has, outside of the occasional TikTok.


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The official cast of Dancing With the Stars announcement has yet to be made at this time. Dancing With the Stars premieres for its first season on Disney+ on Monday, September 19.

Charli D’Amelio Has Performed a Ballroom Dance With Derek Hough

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest TikTok creators has signed on to the next cast of Dancing With the Stars. Since there have been other dancers on the series (like JoJo Siwa) in the past, it’s not necessarily problematic for her to be competing on the season.

On the other hand, it’s important to point out that D’Amelio and Derek Hough have a history. Earlier this year, the TikTok dancer was in the television special Step Into The Movies With Derek and Julianne Hough. Within the special, she performed a ballroom routine with Derek Hough to honor the legendary film Dirty Dancing.

Although we’re not sure how D’Amelio’s involvement in the series came to be, many think it had to do with Hough. Some reports state that the professional dancer vouched to get the TikTok star on Dancing With the Stars last year, since she was “crushing it in the content.”

Since she has the skill set, taught by a former Dancing With the Stars pro, how fair could this competition truly be? On the other hand, there’s a possibility that D’Amelio decided to be part of the series because she wanted to learn more of the style of dance.


What do you think about Charli D’Amelio’s reported involvement in Dancing With the Stars? Are you excited to see her on the dance floor?

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1 year ago

I would freak out if Charlie and her mom is confirmed to be on the show

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