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‘Bring The Funny’ Judge Kenan Thompson’s 10 Funniest Moments


Lately, there has been even more Kenan Thompson on your TV. Not only is he on SNL, but he’s also one of the judges on the new comedy competition show Bring the Funny on NBC, along with Chrissy Teigen and Jeff Foxworthy.

We have been really enjoying the show so far. So, we wanted to share some of the judges’ funniest moments — to get you better acquainted with their style of humor, and prove why they’re worthy of the position. Let’s start with Kenan, who has been making people laugh since he was a teenager and is now the longest-running cast member in SNL history.

1. Pierre Escargot, All That

Kenan got his big break on Nickelodeon’s sketch comedy show when he was just 16 years old. He played plenty of iconic characters over the years, but perhaps none were as memorable as Pierre Escargot. It was funny and educational.

2. Super Dude, All That

Okay, so if there was one Kenan character from All That as iconic as Pierre Escargot, it would have to be Super Dude. The sketches referenced all the classic superhero tropes — from a nerdy alter ego to a quick costume change. He also has his own superhero weakness — dairy products.

3. Good Burger

Kenan mostly played the straight man to Kel Mitchell’s kooky character Ed in this movie adaptation of the All That sketch. But he made the role work, and still had his funny moments. Someone had to balance out Kel’s wackiness, after all.

4. Kenan Gets His Head Stuck, Kenan & Kel

No sitcom would be complete without someone getting their head stuck in something, and Nick’s Kenan & Kel was no exception. Kenan starred on the comedy from 1996 to 2000, and this was one of his character’s funniest moments.

5. Diner Lobster, Saturday Night Live

When Pete Davidson orders lobster in a diner, it kicks off a Les Mis-style musical, with Kenan playing the ill-fated lobster. There are impressive set pieces, funny lobster costumes, and a little bit of breaking from the cast — what more could you want?

6. Black Jeopardy, Saturday Night Live

Kenan plays host Darnell Hayes on this Jeopardy! spoof that has since spawned several spin-offs starring celebrities such as Tom Hanks. The joke is that one white person appears as a contestant on each of the episodes.

7. What Up With That, Saturday Night Live

This recurring sketch is pretty much incomprehensible, but you can’t deny that Kenan totally commits to the role. You’ll finish watching each installment with the song stuck in your head, and will probably feel out of breath watching Kenan sing and dance for seven minutes straight.

8. Family Feud, Saturday Night Live

Basically, any time Kenan plays Steve Harvey, it’s sure to be a good time. When it comes to the recurring Family Feud spoofs, Kenan’s impression is the glue that holds all the ridiculous personalities together.

9. Sump’n Claus, Saturday Night Live

In 2014, this SNL music video became an instant Christmas classic. When Santa won’t give presents to people on the naughty list, Sump’n Claus steps in to give them cash. As he says, “Everybody’s gettin’ sump’n.”

10. Good Burger Reunion

Kenan and Kel made ’90s kids’ dreams come true when they reunited on The Tonight Show in 2015 to recreate the iconic “Good Burger” sketch from All That. When Kenan walked in as construction worker Lester Oaks, the crowd (understandably) went wild.

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