Will Bobby Bones Replace Ryan Seacrest On ‘American Idol’ Permanently?

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While Ryan Seacrest takes a sick day, Bobby Bones steps in to host American Idol.

Matt Beck | Talent Recap

Bobby Bones

People Magazine released a clip from tonights episode of American Idol showing radio host Bobby Bones filling in for Ryan.

“Welcome to American Idol. Now, I am not Ryan Seacrest; I am Bobby Bones,” said the radio host. “Sadly, Ryan is sick, and I look most like him so they asked me to fill his shoes tonight.”

Matt Beck | Talent Recap

On top of being a radio host and in-house mentor for the contestants on American Idol, Bobby’s just coming off taking first place on Dancing With The Stars.

Ryan gifted Bobby with a “Thank you/Happy Birthday” present of a pair of Michael Jordan Shoes that came with a card. Seacrest signed the card: “Thanks for filling in my shoes for me on American Idol.

This begs the question of whether this is just a temporary substitution, or are the tides changing on American Idol. Ryan Seacrest has hosted the show since the very first season where he shared the stage with Brian Dunkleman.

Seacrest Out?

Matt Beck | Talent Recap

As fate took it Seacrest became a giant star venturing into all kinds of endeavors from hosting to producing and more. The question is, how long can it last?

In 2018 Ryan became a target of the #MeToo movement when he was alleged to have sexually harassed a stylist. Though these claims haven’t been fully substantiated, Ryan took a hit on his public image.

Meanwhile Bobby Bones career seems to be flourishing, especially after taking first place on the most recent season of Dancing With The Stars.

Matt Beck | Talent Recap

Something else to keep in mind is that Ryan Seacrest could quite possibly be the busiest person in Hollywood. Between being a radio and tv host, producer, and running a production company, the guy is stretched extremely thin. Could he finally be passing the torch.

For ABC it could be a way to shake things up and bring in more country fans to get the numbers up. As we know American Idol has been struggling in the ratings lately, and maybe Bobby Bones is their answer.

The truth is, it could just be a simple fill in while Ryan Seacrest pulls a “Ferris Beuller”. To find out, tune in to American Idol tonight at 8 p.m.


Matt Beck
Matt Beck

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