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Ballet Dancers Turn Simon Cowell Into a Believer on ‘America’s Got Talent’

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The Hiplet Ballerinas came to America’s Got Talent to share their awesome ballet act with the world. Simon Cowell is not a huge ballet fan and actually finds it to be boring. Finally, this ballet act was able to turn him into a full-on ballet lover. He really has been turning into a whole new person in the most recent seasons of the show.

The Hiplet Ballerinas Change Simon Cowell’s Mind About Ballet on ‘America’s Got Talent’

The Hiplet Ballerinas spoke about how opportunities weren’t always there for them early on in their careers because most professional ballet companies want the dancers to look the same. They all have hips and curves and embrace their bodies. The group members got very emotional sharing their stories about how they did not feel like they fit into the industry.

AGT is a huge opportunity for us to share our dance and who we are with the world and we want to show little girls out there that you don’t have to fit the mold,” one group member said before the audition.

The Hiplet Ballerinas focus on inclusivity and welcome differences and bodies that are all different shapes and sizes. Their message and positive vibe are so inspirational to people watching from all over the world. Even when Cowell flat out admitted right to their faces that he has never been able to find ballet interesting, they kept on smiling.

“I’ve never lasted more than a minute genuinely because it’s like whoosh over my head,” Cowell said.


The group started off their routine with a very classic style of ballet and went the traditional route. Cowell looked interested to see how they would be able to hook him with this act. They took their skirts off and the music transitioned to an upbeat hip-hop song. The girls performed their full routine en pointe which is super impressive.

Heidi Klum was “hypnotized” by their routine. Howie Mandel also complimented the fusion of hip-hop and ballet that they performed on the stage. The entire world waited to see how Cowell would critique the performance after admitting that he isn’t a fan of ballet.

“I think where you’ve been really clever is that you’ve done something we have never seen before,” Cowell said.

The Hiplet Ballerinas were voted through to the next round of the competition by all four judges. This act is one that will be even better with production and theatrics behind it. We can’t wait to see what this group does next.

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