Ashley Graham Goes Full Nude: Shares Intimate Pregnancy, Home Birth and Breastfeeding Photos [VIDEO]

Ashley Graham Goes Full Nude Shares Intimate Pregnancy, Home Birth and Breastfeeding Photos

Model Ashley Graham is celebrating her son Isaac’s first birthday by getting real with fans on Instagram. She let followers request photos and videos on Instagram Stories, and responded with some revealing shots that show the reality of pregnancy and motherhood.

Ashley shared everything from stretch marks to breastfeeding, as well as some cute pics with her husband Justin Ervin. She even posted some photos of her labor and delivery leading up to Isaac’s birthday. Check out some of our favorite posts from Ashley below.

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Ashley Graham Posts Revealing Pregnancy And Birth Photos

Ashley shared a couple of photos showing off her pregnant belly. One fan asked to see an unseen picture of Ashley and her husband Justin. She responded with a sweet snap of Justin kissing her bare baby bump while she looks at him lovingly.


The model also shared a photo of her bump at full term. The shot was taken in front of a mirror, and Ashley is completely naked. She censored the photo a little bit, but it still gives a clear shot of how much her bump had grown by nine months into her pregnancy.

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Fans also got to see both the beginning and the end of Ashley’s pregnancy journey. She shared a shot of her happy face after finding out she was pregnant, as well as a photo of her and Justin holding Isaac right after he was born.

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Ashley later shared a few more pregnancy photos without prompting. In one snap, she poses naked, showing off her baby bump with a towel wrapped around her hair. It’s dated December 19, 2019 — about a month before Isaac was born. She also posted a funny picture in which she sleeps on the couch in her underwear with her belly showing.

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About a week before Isaac was born, Ashley tried to induce labor with acupuncture. She shared a photo of the process, saying it was “so painful” and also didn’t even work. Ashley ended up having an at-home birth. She shared a photo from her labor.


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Ashley Shares Stretch Marks And Breastfeeding

Ashley Graham also shared the realities of postpartum life. She responded to a fan’s request to see her stretch marks with a photo in which she holds her baby while showing off the marks on her stomach and thighs.

The model also posted a video in which she breastfeeds baby Isaac. She kisses him on the head and smiles as he nurses and plays with her necklace. In another post, Ashley shared “a video you can’t explain,” in which Isaac tugs at the elastic on her underwear.

Check Out Ashley’s Throwback Photos

Ashley didn’t just post pregnancy and motherhood photos. She also shared a few throwback pictures from when she was younger. Fans asked to see her as a baby and as a teenager. She posted some adorable snaps from years past.

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Ashley Graham has been modeling since she was a teenager. She’s always been outspoken about body positivity, so it’s no surprise that she’s so candid when it comes to posting on social media.

Ashley and her husband, filmmaker Justin Ervin, have been married since 2010. Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin is their first child together.


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