Angelina Jordan Performs at the 2022 FIFA Football Awards

Angelina Jordan at the FiFA Football awardsLionel Hahn/Getty Images

Norway’s Got Talent 2014 winner Angelina Jordan stole the show at the 2022 FIFA Football Awards with her stunning performance of “We Are The Best” alongside RedOne. The event, which celebrates the achievements of the world’s best football players, saw Jordan take center stage and showcase her incredible voice.

Angelina Jordan Performs at The 2022 FIFA Football Awards

Jordan, who won Norway’s Got Talent, has been making waves in the music industry ever since. Her unique voice and soulful performances have captivated audiences worldwide, and her appearance at the FIFA Football Awards was no exception.

As the music began to play, Jordan’s voice soared, filling the room with an energy that was infectious. She was joined on stage by RedOne, the renowned producer and songwriter, who also added his signature sound to the performance. Together, they delivered a performance of FIFA’s official anthem song “We Are The Best.” Which had everyone in the audience cheering and clapping along.

Another highlight of the night for Jordan was the opportunity to meet some of the world’s best football players. Among them were Lionel Messi and Kylian MbappĂ©, both of whom she had admired from afar. It’s clear that she was very excited to speak with them.

@angelinajordana Had the honor to be part of @FIFA official anthem with the legendary @RedOne 🙏🏻 it was truly a dream come true to be able to perform for @leomessi @k.mbappe @virgilvandijk @bounouyassine_bono the legendary soccer players who I have been inspiring me so much❤️ #thebest #fifa #soccer #football #foryou #messi #mbappe #fifa #viral #music #anthem ♬ original sound – Angelina Jordan

She Congratulated Lionel Messi for Winning at the FIFA Football Awards 2022

Jordan surely wowed audiences with her stunning performance at the 2022 FIFA Football Awards. She also took to her Instagram stories to congratulate Messi on his win at the event. The football superstar was named the Men’s Player of the Year at the awards ceremony.

In her Instagram stories, Jordan shared a photo of Messi holding his trophy, with the caption “Congratulations, Legend.” She also included a football emoji and a raised hands emoji, indicating her admiration and respect for the football legend.

Jordan‘s gesture was met with appreciation from Messi’s fans and followers, who then expressed their gratitude for her kind words. Jordan’s Instagram story was a heartfelt tribute to one of the greatest football players of all time. It is also a reminder of the unifying power of sports and music to bring people together.

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