‘AGT’ Recap: Simon Cowell Delivers a Message To School Bullies With a Golden Buzzer!

Julia Delbel
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America’s Got Talent Recap: This week’s episode of AGT brought us some of the best and most absurd acts of the season so far. Read on and decide for yourself who fell under which category.

Marina Mazepa

Marina Mazepa is dancer from Ukraine who now lives in LA. Her audition started and ended went back an forth between ballet moves and robot-style contortion tricks. The judges were taken by surprise, but in a good way, and unanimously sent her forward.


Don Chambers

Drinks are on Dom Chambers tonight; for his audition he made various glasses of beer (and even a bottle of wine!) appear seemingly out of thin air. He even served the judges drinks after they gave him four yeses! More on this act HERE.


Carmen Carter

Carmen Carter is a background singer for a living, but is hoping AGT will be her time in the spotlight. Gabrielle gave her a standing ovation in the middle of her song, and Julianne soon joined her. Afterwards, all four judges said yes to her continuing in the competition.


Adson & Leon

Edson and Leon are a strength and balancing duo on the older side (one of them is 84 years old!). They moved at a slow pace but did some pretty cool tricks. Simon said it was one of his favorite acts, and he along with the other judges voted for them to advance.



This is NOT a drill, folks, Sethward has returned! After his infamous caterpillar-to-butterfly transformation act we saw last summer, he came back to AGT…but this time, as a giraffe (on stilts as part of his costume!). He crashed pretty hard (figuratively and literally), and after four red buzzers, he was dragged offstage by Terry.

But that wasn’t the last we saw of Sethward, because he came back again, this time as a walrus! He fell off the stage this time after trying to balance on some beachballs, but Howie and Simon got into the (obviously intentional) comedic absurdity of the act and said yes. Unfortunately, both Gabrielle and Julianne said no (the latter after teasing a yes) so Sethward was eliminated yet again.


Charlotte Summers

Charlotte Summers came all the way from Spain to audition for America’s Got Talent. She did a wonderful rendition of “I Put a Spell on You” and clearly has a very mature, soulful voice. Julianne said her voice was “powerful but not overdone” and all the judges voted to send her forward.


Kevin Schwartz

Kevin Schwartz is a comedian who has suffered from anxiety and agoraphobia. His nerves were evident and did affect his performance, but his jokes were very good and a lot of them worked well with the deadpan delivery. The judges thought he was funny and had potential to be even better, so he got four yeses.


MacKenzie Green

Singer MacKenzie Green performed “Nothing Compares 2 U”. It was pretty good and he made it his own, but not enough for it to be particularly memorable. Still, he did a nice job and got four yeses.

Yuriyan Retriever

Japanese dancer Yuriyan Retriever only respects three people in the world: her mom, her dad, and Julianne Hough. Unfortunately, Julianne didn’t feel the same way about her, giving her a red buzzer along with Simon. In the end, only Howie gave her a yes, but she did get a dance lesson from Julianne backstage as a consolation prize. You can watch that lesson HERE.

Michael Paul

Michael Paul had a fun lead-up to his act where he described the bird he would be performing with, only for it to be revealed as a puppet and the act as ventriloquism instead of actual bird training. Fortunately, the fun didn’t stop there. The performance incorporated impressions and multiple different types of comedy in just the short period of allotted audition time. Of all the acts we’ve seen so far this season, this one feels the most ready for and suited to Vegas, and thankfully the judges gave Michael – and Willy the bird – four yeses.

Tyler Butler-Figueroa

11-year-old violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa was the final act of the episode. He revealed the reason he started playing violin was because he was bullied for having cancer when he was younger. Thankfully, he has been in remission for four years and delivered a great performance of “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson. The judges were all moved by his story of surviving cancer and bullying through his amazing violin skills, and Simon Cowell gave him his Golden Buzzer for the season!


“I would like to say something on you behalf to the bullies!” Simon declared and hit the Golden Buzzer in a triumphant end to episode 3.


Let us know who your favorite act this week was in the comments below!

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