‘American Idol’ Star Cecil Ray Arrested for ‘Burglary of Habitation’ Following Abuse Allegations

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Recently eliminated American Idol contestant Cecil Ray Baker was arrested on Saturday for allegedly attempting to force his way into the home of his ex-girlfriend, Mariah Lopez. Lopez, who shares a six-month old daughter with Baker, recently posted a now-viral TikTok cataloging the abuse.

‘American Idol’ Contestant Cecil Ray Arrested

“People aren’t who they always seem to be on TV. I’m tired of always being silenced. You even denied my daughter being yours #cheater” Mariah Lopez captioned a TikTok video that has since gone viral.


People aren’t who they always seem to be on TV. Im tired of always being silenced. You even denied my daughter being yours #cheater #americanidol #fyp

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The video starts off with a clip from Baker’s American Idol audition followed by a video of him talking about how much he thinks about his family and his daughter.

Lopez alleges that Baker cheated on her with multiple women during their relationship while capitalizing on fatherhood during American Idol.

Taylor Fox | Talent Recap Lopez claims Baker cheated on her with multiple women./ TikTok


In another clip, Lopez shows a gash on her forehead, supposedly caused by Baker. Lopez pans the camera to show what looks to be a broken door. Baker can be heard using foul language in the background of the video as the caption reads: “how I get talk to daily” [sic].

Taylor Fox | Talent Recap Lopez claims that Baker is abusive, leading to his arrest./ TikTok

According to Milam County Sheriff’s Office, Baker was arrested and booked on Saturday morning. In her TikTok, Lopez wrote that she now has a restraining order against Baker. She also states that his family would likely get him out of jail within a day. He was released an hour after his arrest on a $15,000 bond.

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A Second TikTok Was Posted With More Accusations

Baker made it to the Top 24 on American Idol before being eliminated during the April 11 episode. After his elimination, the 20-year-old went back home to Texas. On the show, Baker never really mentioned the mother of his child, which many people pointed out in the comments section on TikTok.

Lopez posted a second TikTok video on Sunday with pictures of bruises on her arms and legs. She also included screenshots of text conversations with alleged witnesses of the abuse.

“The truth will eventually come out,” Lopez wrote alongside a screenshot of Baker’s mugshot.


I’ve had enough. This is why victims never come forward bc y’all try so hard to tear them down. #dobetter #bebetter

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“My daughter and I are happy, safe and healthy,” Lopez assured viewers despite all of the claims made in the videos.

Baker has yet to comment on his arrest. He last posted on Instagram after his American Idol elimination.

“My American Idol journey may have came to an end..But I couldn’t be more grateful for the path I’m on now thanks to everyone that believed in me!” he wrote. “My Idol experience was life-changing and I’ll never forget the memories and friends made..Thank you all, I can’t wait to share my creativity with the world.”


American Idol has also not yet addressed the abuse claims or Baker’s recent arrest.


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