‘American Idol’ Contestant Calls Out Producers For Only Airing The Moment She Fainted


Ronda Felton and Funke Lagoke performed a duet during Hollywood Week on Season 19 of American Idol. Funke fainted during the judge’s critiques and was rushed to the hospital. The pair did an Instagram Live session to talk about how they feel it is unfair of the producers to air this moment on television.

‘American Idol’ Contestant Speaks Out After Fainting On Stage

While we met Ronda during the auditions and learned of her emotional backstory, viewers were first introduced to Funke during the duet round of the competition. She was taken to the hospital at the time and treated for dehydration. Both she and Ronda were voted through to the next round of the competition. She stressed that it was unfair to first feature her during a traumatic and upsetting fall.


Funke thanked her supporters on Instagram Live for being there for her. She auditioned for American Idol in San Diego and got three yes’s from the judges. “As a performer, you want to be highlighted in the best way possible and every time that I was reminded that I was going to get showcased for this fall, the line I keep telling myself is ‘I am so much more than my fall'” she said.

“I pray that America and whoever saw this saw that even when we fall in life, we’re gonna get back up again,” she said. “That is not how I wanted to be presented the first time.” Funke also called out the trolls that are saying her fall was fake. She got three stitches on her chin and said that the whole thing was “traumatizing” to watch back on television.

Ronda Is Fully Supporting Funke During This Difficult Time

Before bringing Ronda into the conversation, Funke said that wished that her fall was not publicized and that she will not be listening to the trolls. Ronda entered the conversation with tears streaming down her face. She praised Funke for carrying the performance on her back. “You are more than what TV is trying to portray,” Ronda told Funke. “I prayed that they wouldn’t show that because it was very heartwrenching for me to see.”

Funke who is a Miss Nigeria USA winner and current school teacher encouraged her colleagues and students to always hold their heads up high. She has been surrounded by family to help navigate her through this difficult time in her life. Funke praised Ronda for being such an incredibly talented singer and supporter.

Funke’s fellow American Idol contestants commented on her Instagram Live session to lend their support. “To anyone reading this, THE NEXT MORNING she was up with the rest of us..poised, professional, and beautiful as ever. She had barely had anything to eat or drink the whole day!!!” Cassandra Coleman wrote.


“I am so proud of you. People who are hating don’t know what to do with a TALENTED, KIND, STUNNING SOUL. They want to try and bring attention to something that has nothing to do with your character” Madison Watkins wrote.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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