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All of the Season 21 ‘The Voice’ Coach Gifts Ranked

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Season 21 of The Voice kicked off with a bang and the Blind Auditions are in full swing. The addition of Ariana Grande on the panel has already begun to shake things up. As a rookie coach, she presents a special gift to her team for the first time. Alongside returning coaches: Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Blake Shelton, each artist put their creativity to use to present their contestants with something special. Which coach has the best gift?

4. Blake Shelton’s “Win Cam”

I think it’s safe to say that Blake Shelton by far had the most bizarre gift out of all The Voice coaches. This season, Shelton is pompously presenting his team members with photos in front of his “Win Cam.” The step-and-repeat style action seems to be more of a gift for Shelton than the actual contestants.

“If you watch this show, you know that I brag a little bit when somebody chooses me as their coach, and so I wanted a win cam,” he said in a behind the scenes video. “It’s something I can put in people’s face, like, ‘This artist chose me.’ That’s really what keeps me coming back.”

Overall, the sole purpose of the gift strictly centers on bragging rights for Team Blake. It honestly doesn’t benefit the singers in any way. Nor can it serve as memorabilia for the contestants after their run on the show. I personally would be the least satisfied with this so called “gift” which is why it ranks the lowest on this list.

3. Kelly Clarkson’s Team Kelly Jackets


Clarkson is known for being a sweetheart both on and off The Voice set. She truly cares about her team members and makes sure they a physical token to remember their journey on the show. Season after season, Clarkson has provided her team with Team Kelly Jackets. This time around, she continues on the tradition and is offering up a funky new color, turquoise.

“I’m so excited about my team this year, and this might be my favorite color,” Clarkson says in the video.

The artist also made sure to point out how “fabulous” they were in comparison to prior seasons. While the gesture is lovely and signature to her, I personally wish she would have switched things up. I believe Clarkson has the heart and the creativity to provide some of the best gifts on the panel, which is why I’m being a bit harsher on her here. This is also why she takes the second to last spot on this ranking.

2. John Legend’s Boxing Robe


Legend knows how to give a flashy gift. This season, the soul singer is providing his team members with signature “Legend” Boxing robes. The style in and of itself is truly on point. It’s something I would show off any chance I could get. Lounging around the house, a trip to the grocery store, you name it. I’m rocking that robe any chance I get.

“Mike Tyson would wear it,” he explains in the video. “The last few years my gift to my team hasn’t been something they can take home. I shook their hand with a rubber glove, not so great, I sang them a song, I liked it but then I got kind of tired of singing. So I decided I was going to give them something they could walk away with. We’re going to win the championship, so I decided to give them the classic boxing training robe.”

1. Ariana Grande’s Vocal Health Kit


Big props to Grande for providing her team with something essential! The first time The Voice coach decided to go above and beyond in order to make sure her contestants remain in peak vocal health. This season, the singer is providing her team with a lunch box filled with vocal health first-aid.

“As a coach, I want them to maintain healthy instruments,” she explained…”As a coach, I want them to maintain healthy instruments. I hope the singers on this show book big tours and that they get to go sing for the rest of their lives. I hope that they find these tools very helpful.”

The stress of the competition is sure to put some strain on the singers who are battling it out week after week. I know that if I was a contestant on the show, I’d take advantage of all the vocal health supplements I could get.

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Jorge Kelpie
Jorge Kelpie
2 years ago

Your Ranking Kelly’s low is insane.

Kelly’s and Ari’s should be tied #1

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