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‘AGT’ Star Daneliya Tuleshova Now Goes by ‘Daneliya’ — Here’s Why

Daneliya Tuleshova on 'America's Got Talent All-Stars'Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

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Daneliya Tuleshova, known for moving audiences to tears with her mesmerizing performances on The Voice Kids Ukraine, and America’s Got Talent, has grown up and is embarking on a new phase in her music career. In an interview with ELLE, the singer opened up about rebranding her stage persona, her musical evolution, and her newfound independence in the United States.

Daneliya Tuleshova On Why She Simplified Her Stage Name

One of the most significant changes in Tuleshova’s career is the decision to go by her first name only. The singer made the decision to shed her last name to make her music more accessible to international audiences. She acknowledged that her last name was challenging for foreign listeners to pronounce consistently, leading to confusion. This change represents a fresh start and a commitment to her personal growth as an artist.

Tuleshova expressed her desire to become intimately involved in every aspect of her music, emphasizing her passion for composing her songs. This marks a shift from her earlier years when music was more of a hobby. She now aspires to be a true artist, delving deep into the creative process to convey her emotions and thoughts authentically.

“We decided to remove my last name, since it is difficult for foreign listeners to understand,” Tuleshova said. “Everyone pronounces it differently, and because of this there is always confusion.”

When asked about her musical style, Tuleshova revealed her intention not to limit herself to a single genre. Over the years, she has experimented with various musical styles, and now she aims to intertwine her vocal abilities with profound lyrics.

How Moving To The United States Affected Her Maturity

Tuleshova’s move to the United States marked a significant turning point in her life. It brought newfound independence and a deeper understanding of the music industry. She reflected on how her early exposure to the industry allowed her to comprehend its inner workings. Which in turn, enables her to make informed decisions about her future.

In her earlier years, Tuleshova was affected by public opinion, constantly worrying about comments and criticisms on social media. However, as she matured, she learned to overcome these fears and stressors. She realized that people’s opinions are short-lived, and she’s determined to embrace her youth.

Despite her fame, Tuleshova holds a deep appreciation for education and is passionate about her studies. In her first year at an American school, she made an effort to blend in and not be seen solely as a pop star.

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