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‘AGT’ Season 13 Live Show #3 Lineup Rundown

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There’s only one more week of quarter-final live shows for America’s Got Talent Season 13, and it’s looking to be a good one!

We’ll be seeing the final 12 quarter-finalists take the Dolby stage in hopes of winning a spot in the upcoming semi-finals. This week’s group of contestants will consist of…

  • danger performer Aaron Crow
  • electric violinist Brian King Joseph
  • singer Christina Wells
  • opera singer Daniel Emmet
  • singer and accordionist Hans
  • singer and pianist Joseph O’Brien
  • singer Michael Ketterer
  • magician Rob Lake
  • dance group The Future Kingz
  • blacklight act UDI
  • two-piece band Us The Duo
  • acrobatic group Zurcaroh

Half of this week’s acts involve singing in some way, while the other half do not. The vocalists that seem most likely to be standouts in this group are Michael Ketterer and Daniel Emmet. Ketterer received Simon’s Golden Buzzer earlier in the season, and between his great voice and amazing story of adopting all those kids he’s probably destined to become a finalist. Emmet is the last of the three quarter-finals wildcard acts, and I’m sure lots of people will be excited to see him return since many viewers disagreed with his elimination back in Judge Cuts. He’s also the sole opera singer in the Season 13 live shows, so it’ll be refreshing to have a different style of music represented next week.

I’m also interested to see how Us The Duo fares despite the controversy of them already having a recording contract. Both Noah Guthrie and Glennis Grace – who have also experienced relatively high levels of industry success in the past – cracked the top 5 for Week 2, but that lineup was considerably weaker than the one we’ll be seeing UTD compete in. I’ve already seen a lot of disdain towards their performances even from people unaware of their career outside AGT, but the storyline of preparing to meet their soon-to-be-born baby girl might help endear some viewers towards them.

And even though so many cool variety acts were cut on Wednesday, we can take solace in the fact knowing we have some other good ones coming up next week! UDI has done some really neat storytelling so far, so hopefully they’ll have better luck than Front Pictures did this past week. And even though The Sacred Riana is now gone, we’ve still got Aaron Crow to carry the torch for the “scary” acts, and Rob Lake for the magic.

Of course, there’s also Zurcaroh, who received Tyra’s Golden Buzzer all the way back in the season premiere. I’m excited to see how they’ll top what they did for their audition, because that was pretty darn epic. And it’ll also be exciting to see what song Brian King Joseph plays on his electric violin next.

There aren’t too many locks to go forward this week (except maybe Michael). Same goes for obvious cuts; except maybe Hans, who I enjoy but I have a feeling a lot of America isn’t going to “get” (especially judging by some of this past Wednesday’s eliminations). And while upon first glance it looks like The Future Kingz might be toast in this lineup, I think I said the same thing about Da RepubliK going into last week and they stepped up their game big time and wound up advancing!

America’s Got Talent returns Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC.

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