‘AGT’ Recap: Judge Cuts Sends Some CRAZY Acts Onto The Live Shows

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This week was the first episode of America’s Got Talent Season 14 Judge Cuts, and our guest judge was country singer Brad Paisley! Eighteen acts performed over the course of the evening, but only seven moved on, so let’s take a look at who we’ll be seeing in the live shows come August!

Lukas & Falco

This human-canine duo put on a show…a Greatest Showman show, to be precise! Falco completed every trick with no obvious prompting, to the amazement of the judges, and the team earned themselves a place in the live shows for their adorableness and, well, showmanship. (Pardon the pun.)


The rap quartet made good on their promise to “take us to the club” with a fun mash-up that showed an impressive range of their abilities and had the crowd cheering the whole time. Gabrielle and Julianne were more into it than the other judges, but they clearly managed to convince the guys to let them through in the end!

Emerald Belles

This high school dance team combines a variety of genres in the art to create their own unique style, which they showed off on the AGT stage and finished with a collective split drop. They ended up being another act to get mixed reviews from the judges but be put through anyway (over some acts who got pretty much universal acclaim). We’ll see if they take Julianne’s advice and shed off the “high school” vibes in the live shows.

Sophie Pecora

Sophie sang a song with similar subject matter to the one she performed in her audition about her experiences with being bullied. Brad said he was surprised she was able to allow him to get to know her so well with just one song, and awarded her the evening’s Golden Buzzer. Simon made the point that instead of continuously singing about the bullies, Sophie shouldn’t give them the time of day by thinking about them even for musical purposes. That’s something I think a lot of people haunted by those kinds of experiences could benefit from, and it’ll be interesting to see if Sophie takes Simon’s advice in the next round.

Chris Klafford

Chris decided to go for an original song this time, and it turned out to be a great choice. It was gritty and endearing and sounded great. The judges loved him during auditions, and they seemed to love him even more here. I think Chris is going to be one to watch during the live shows.

Messoudi Brothers

It feels like balancing acts never make it to the live shows (I think this is the first in at least four years) so it was cool to finally see one make it to the AGT big-leagues! After arriving almost too late to perform due to flight issues, the brothers served up some new tricks, and even brought their father onstage to join in!

Ndlovu Youth Choir

This group had one of the best auditions this season, so they had a lot to live up to here in Judge Cuts. Fortunately, their voices were even better than last time and their energy was higher with lots of dancing and clapping incorporated into the performance. This group is probably the strongest choir of the season, and hopefully they continue to bring it in the live shows.

Did you agree with the decisions made this week, or did you feel some acts got snubbed? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to look out for our first “Wildcard Watch” article of Season 14 in the coming days!


Julia Delbel
Julia Delbel

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