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‘AGT All-Stars’ Contestants Reveal the Crucial Aspects of Their Acts, Backstage Secrets

Dustin's Dojo on Behind the Scenes AGT interviewAmerica's Got Talent All-Stars

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AGT All-Stars contestants might have already been used to performing, but that nonetheless doesn’t remove their jitters on stage. In an exclusive interview produced by the series, some contestants reveal the critical parts of their audition as well as their well-trusted routine backstage.

AGT All-Stars Contestants Answer What Makes Their Acts Difficult

Avery Dixon, Dustin’s Dojo, Peter Antoniou and Mike E. Winfield recently sat down for an interview with AGT All-Stars to talk about the critical aspects of their performances. For Peter, to get the audience on board is a challenge. Indeed, he has to “endear myself to the crowd” to find people that would willingly join his mind-reading act.

Meanwhile, Mike is one of the contestants who have to worry about the ideas they share for a responsible comedy. According to him, words matter during his stand-up acts.

“You have to keep in mind that you’re affecting people’s lives,” he said. “So don’t be irresponsible with things you say across the world and across the airwaves.”

For Dustin’s Dojo, on the other hand, it’s always been “good instinct” that he needs to mind. As stated by the karate expert, being mentally prepared is the most important part about martial arts.

When asked about what they do to continually push to be better, Avery specifically mentioned about stage presence. The saxophonist is thus consistently finding ways to improve his interaction with the audience.


They Detail Their Backstage Secrets, Reveal Key in Performing Under Pressure

The four also discussed their preparations backstage, with Avery revealing one simple tip: drink a full bottle of water. He also emphasized the importance of loosening up before the performance.

“Hydration is key,” he said.

For Peter, focusing on oneself is a crucial step. According to the mind-reader, he has to make sure that he’s in the “right brain space” to connect with someone else’s.

Mike, on the other hand, sees the relevance of chilling before going onstage. His simple routine was to “lay low and wait for them to call my name.”

The same contestants also revealed the key to performing under pressure. Dustin’s Dojo primarily banks on meditation. Peter thinks that trusting oneself would distract him from being nervous. For Avery, there’s no better way but to “play until you’re not nervous anymore.” Lastly, Mike shared the significance of preparation and having the right mindset.

“If you’re prepared, the pressure, you feel it less,” he said. “You just have to live in that mind frame of you’re going to be successful. I’m going to kill it. I’m going to be the All-Star that they talk about.”

To tune in on AGT All-Stars, be sure to watch every Monday at 8/7c on NBC and next day on Peacock.

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Dan Proctor
Dan Proctor
1 year ago

AGT is fake, Every act was done on same day, the Judges wore the same clothes every week, Terry Crews, in his silver,suit, Heidi in her blue denim dress, really every week the same outfit.

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