8 Times Talent Show Judges Crushed on Contestants

Jill O'Rourke
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You might expect talent show contestants to crush on the famous judges, but sometimes the opposite happens, and it’s the talent show judges crushing on the contestants. Everyone from Simon Cowell to Katy Perry has been attracted to a performer auditioning for their show.

1. Simon Cowell Crushes on Irina Dedyuk

Cowell’s eyes widened when Irina Dedyuk stepped into the audition room on The X Factor UK in 2016. He told her she looked great and appeared mesmerized as she performed “Simply the Best” by Tina Turner. When the audition was over, the other judges had to snap Cowell back to reality.

“There are some slight issues on the vocals, but come on. You obviously want this,” Cowell told her. “I love this kind of ambition, taking the moment. You’re slightly scary, but I like that.”

2. ‘BGT’ Judges Crush on Forbidden Nights

This group auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent in 2015. At first, the judges thought the act was just one person, Lewis Codling. However, a group of men posing as crew members soon joined him, and they ended up stripping down to their undies.

David Walliams, Alesha Dixon, and Amanda Holden gave them a standing ovation. Dixon got Lewis to take his trousers off, and Walliams brought a glass of water to one of the guys who had a dry throat. He ended up getting a group hug from several members.

3. Katy Perry Crushes on Trevor Holmes

Katy Perry is known for crushing on attractive male American Idol contestants, and Trevor Holmes was no exception in 2018. Even Luke Bryan admitted he was a “dreamboat.” As Trevor talked about his life, Perry interjected by saying, “You’re so hot.”

“If you’re not going to Hollywood, maybe you can just come hang out with me,” she told him. Trevor proceeded to throw her name into his audition song as she swooned over him. He also admitted to having a crush on her.

4. Kelly Rowland Crushes on Chriddy Black

As soon as Chriddy Black stepped on stage for his Blind Audition on The Voice Australia in 2019, there was a whistle in the crowd. He turned all four coaches’ chairs, and Kelly Rowland called him “pretty Chriddy.” As she offered her feedback, she told Chriddy, “Don’t look at me too long, boy, ’cause you’re just so handsome.”

Rowland had trouble getting her words out as the other coaches poked fun at her for her flustered reaction. Unfortunately for her, Chriddy chose to join Guy Sebastian’s team. “I think you just broke Kelly’s heart,” Sebastian told him.


5. Nicole Scherzinger Crushes on Matt Terry

When Matt Terry performed “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” on The X Factor UK in 2016, Nicole Scherzinger responded with a standing ovation and a flash of her leg. Fellow judge Simon Cowell fanned her with a card as she gave feedback, telling Matt he was “oozing and dripping with charisma and talent.”

Scherzinger’s flirtation with the contestant actually led to romance rumors, which Matt denied, saying, “We have love for each other but in that brother and sister way.”

6. Katy Perry Crushes on Cade Foehner

Trevor Holmes wasn’t Perry’s only crush on American Idol in 2018. She also had the hots for Cade Foehner, whose Jimi Hendrix cover had her swooning. The other judges had to hold her back as she wondered, “Are we allowed to show this on ABC?”

Cade went on to date and eventually marry his fellow contestant Gabby Barrett, sparking jealously from Perry. The couple has a daughter together now.

7. Demi Lovato Crushes on Emblem3

In 2012, a boy band called Emblem3 had X Factor USA judge Demi Lovato blushing. The singer told the group, “I can’t look you in the eye when you sing to me, because I’m supposed to be a judge, and not flirting with you while you sing, so I’m not gonna look at you.”

Fellow judge Britney Spears also called the group members “adorable,” while Cowell and L.A. Reid predicted that the band would blow up.

8. Luke Bryan Crushes on Katie Belle

When Katie Belle auditioned for American Idol in 2019, Perry told her she looked like “a gosh darn supermodel,” while Bryan called her “the Giselle of Georgia.” Katie acknowledged that she’s done some modeling, but said “beauty fades.”

Perry said she seemed to put a spell on Bryan with her rendition of “Golden Slumbers.” Bryan could barely get his words out, eventually just saying “yes.” When Katie shook his hand, he jokingly fell to the ground. Perry brought things full circle by saying, “She’s Luke’s Trevor.”

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