17-YO Alex Miller Performs Country Duet With Luke Bryan In ‘American Idol’ Sneak Peek [VIDEO]

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Alex Miller is a 17-year-old high school student currently living in Lancaster, Kentucky. There is not really much going on in his small farm town but he likes it that way. However, Alex’s entire life is about to change because he auditioned for American Idol and will no doubt have everyone falling in love with him this season.

Alex Miller Brings Country Roots To Season 19 Of ‘American Idol’

Alex currently works on his grandfather’s cattle farm which he describes as “tough work.” Music certainly has a special place in his heart and he is well-known around Kentucky for his classic country voice.

“Music means everything to me,” he says in his interview before his big American Idol audition. “Whenever I was young my parents divorced and it was a way for me to cope with that and release a lot of that energy.” Alex’s biggest supporter is his grandfather G.B. who praises him for all of the amazing performances he has done around town.

Before Alex walks into the audition room in a newly released sneak peek, Luke Bryan is jamming to some country music. It is the perfect entrance for Alex who is a cowboy just like Luke. Luke begins singing and Alex is nodding along to the song. He joins in on the chorus. It is seriously such a cool way to welcome Alex to American Idol.


“I hope you sing like you talk because that could be amazing,” Lionel Richie says after Alex introduces himself with a charming country twang. For his big audition, Alex performs an original song that he wrote for his ex-girlfriend called “I’m Over You, So Get Over Me.” Alex launches into the catchy country tune with his guitar. The song is so good, Lionel keeps muttering “love it” after the performance. “Thank you, Jesus” Luke blurts out.


Alex Performs A Legendary Country Duet With Luke

Luke asks Alex what would happen if he ever played at the legendary venue, The Grand Ole Opry. “I’d die and go to heaven,” Alex says with a smile. This leads to Luke saying that he could make the call and make that actually happen.

The most amazing part of this audition is when Luke decides that he wants to sing a song with Alex. Luke grabs his guitar and the pair launch into a duet of “Big City.” Luke is literally so mesmerized by Alex’s talent that he says “I’m probably taking this boy home with me.”

The judges insist on taking Alex out into the new socially distanced Skype room that the show has implemented this season. They were able to talk with his father and brother via video chat that Alex is making it into Hollywood. Luke gives Alex the golden ticket as his mom stands by happier than ever. We will be seeing Alex Miller in Hollywood! Make sure you check out the video below to find out how this season of American Idol is more different than ever before.


Tune in to the Season 19 premiere of American Idol on February 14 at 8pm ET on ABC.


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