16-Year-Old Hits Shocking High Note While Singing Adele’s “Hello”


Many people who audition for X factor tend to shock the judges with their talent. When Isaiah Firebrace stepped on to the X factor Australia stage, he had the judges going crazy for his version of Adele’s Famous song “Hello”. During the audition he even hit a surprising high note which is rare for someone so young. Watch the amazing performance below.

Adam Lambert Goes Wild For Isaiah’s Voice

Isaiah who came on to the stage with a shy personality had Adam Lambert shocked during the audition when they heard his voice. Many people have tried to cover Adele’s music over the years but fail to do it as well as her. Isaiah blew everyone away when he did his own rendition of the famous song. Even the audience was screaming and applauding the whole time.

One of the judges rapper Iggy Azalea, couldn’t help but smile during the whole performance. The person who was enjoying the audition the most was American Idol star Adam Lambert who at one point screamed, “Sing it, Sing it Bitch!” Following Adams comment Isaiah proceeds to hit a high note officially making the judges fall in love with him.


Isaiah Takes Over the X factor Competition

After giving such a talented audition, he was able to go on in the show and continued singing iconic hits. During Bootcamp he even decided to challenge himself deeper and took on Alicia Keys “If I Ain’t Got You.” The Australian singer eventually made it to the grand finale where he was named the winner of season 8 after performing Avicii’s hit song “Wake Me Up.”

During his time on the competition show, he had Adam Lambert as his mentor. This didn’t come as much of a shock since Lambert was obsessed with Isaiah’s talent since he stepped on to the audition stage. After two people in the 14-21s category that Adam was mentoring were eliminated, Isaiah was the only one left in his age group. But that didn’t stop him. When he was crowned the winner he beat out Davey Wooder from the over 22’s category mentored by Guy Sebastian.


Where is He Now?

After winning X factor Australia Isaiah’s song “It’s Gotta Be You” peaked at number 26 on the Australian charts. Following the single’s success he released his debut album Isaiah the summer of 2016 and it was in the top 12 in the Australian charts as well. Even though his singing career was taking off he decided to represent Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest. Unlike on X factor Isaiah didn’t win this time and came in 9th place.

This past summer he also released a new single “Know Me Better” following his other single, “Thinking About You.” He explained in a press release how important the single is to him, “This song actually means a lot to me because I finally feel like I’m starting to know myself better and I am heading in the direction I want to with my music.” 

Isaiah Firebrace is currently the highest streamed First Nations Artist in the world.


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