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10 Most Controversial Golden Buzzers in ‘Got Talent’ History

Most Controversial Golden BuzzersTalent Recap via YouTube

In the course of Got Talent history, we have witnessed some of the most emotional and well-deserved Golden Buzzer moments ever. Nevertheless, we have also watched the most polarizing ones, those that we don’t know whether to be happy or weirded out about. Here are 10 of the most controversial golden buzzers in Got Talent history.

1. Ben Trigger

Burlesque dancer from America’s Got Talent season 14, Ben trigger stripped to “Boogie Wonderland” by Earth, Wind & Fire. He shocked everyone when he laid down on the judges’ panel to press the Golden Buzzer by himself. That bold move didn’t send him to the live shows, though.

2. Dustin’s Dojo

Dustin’s Dojo cracked wood, threw punches in the air, and even reacted to bag of salt thrown into his eyes on AGT season 9. This comedy karate duo got buzzed by Heidi Klum and Mel B, but still proceeded to the Semifinals because Howard Stern pressed the Golden Buzzer.

3. Lorraine Bowen

Lorraine Bowen is an entertainer from Britain’s Got Talent series 9 who sang a self-composed music titled “The Crumble Song” to impress judges. David Walliams genuinely liked the act but the rest of the judges weren’t pleased. To save Bowen, Walliams hit his Golden Buzzer.

4. Juanjo Monserrat

Juanjo Monserrat was a musician from Spain’s Got Talent 2021 who played an electronic musical synthesizer called an Otamatone. Curious about how to use the instrument, the judges tried to play it themselves. The collaboration lead to the Golden Buzzer.

5. Christian Spridon

Christian Spridon was a Romanian singer from series 8 of BGT who sang to “Sexbomb” by Mousse T. and Tom Jones. Out of discontentment, all judges except David Walliams pressed their red buzzer. Failing to protect his buzzer from being pressed by other judges, he pressed the Golden Buzzer to send Stridon to the live shows.

6. Martin McGuinness

Singing “You’re My World” by Cilla Black, Martin McGuiness was a drag entertainer from Ireland’s Got Talent season 1. As Jason Byrne attempted to shield his buzzer from other judges, he accidentally pressed the Golden Buzzer.

7. Donchez

Trying his luck in series 12 of BGT, Donchez was a 60-year-old singer who sang his own song, “Wiggle Wine.” This act got the audience and judges dancing, even forcing Cowell to move along the song. He was sent straight to the Semifinals as Walliams gave him his Golden Buzzer.

8. Boogie Storm

Dressed as Stormtroopers during the preliminaries of AGT: The Champions 2, Boogie storm danced to a number of pop singles. When Howie Mandel refused to give his Golden Buzzer to the troupe, Simon Cowell stole his one-time opportunity and sent the group to the finals.

9. ThuRein Win Tun

Making his way to season 3 of Myanmar’s Got Talent, ThuRein Win Tun is a magician who pulled thread from his eye. Judge Maung Thi didn’t comment on the performance and just pressed the Golden Buzzer.

10. Ian and Anne Marshall

Anne and Ian Marshall were a singing duo who sang to “Crazy In Love” by Beyonce during series 10 of BGT. Amusing the audience by their lovely performance, Walliams didn’t bother waiting for other judges’ decision and went on top of the panel to step on the Golden Buzzer.

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