10 Famous Celebrities Who Started on Talent Shows

Famous Celebrities Who Started on Talent Shows ThumbnailTalent Recap via YouTube

Talent show competitions are one of the best platforms an aspiring celebrity can kickstart their career on. These ten famous celebrities had their big break on talent show competitions and it changed their lives forever.

1. Chloe Khan

British model and TV personality Chloe Khan started as the sassy teen had a viral audition on The X Factor UK in 2010. She proceeded to completely butcher her audition with her unpreparedness but surprisingly made it through. Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger claimed they saw potential in Khan subsequently giving her their approval.

2. Todrick Hall

Before making it big on Broadway and reality television, YouTube personality and singer Todrick Hall auditioned for American Idol season nine. During his audition, Hall sang an original song that included lyrics about each of the show’s judges.

3. Rylan Clarke

Sporting shiny blonde locks at the time of his audition in The X Factor UK back in 2012, Rylan Clarke’s energy caught the crowd’s attention. His vocals were admittedly not his strong point, but the personality and energy that he has more than makes up for it, gaining three “yes,” votes from the judges.

4. Kelly Clarkson

One of the most prominent example of a world-famous celebrity finding fame in a talent show is Kelly Clarkson. Her American Idol win is the first and certainly one of the most memorable Idol wins in history.

5. Olly Murs

After dreaming of becoming a famous pop star, Olly Murs gained international fame after his second-place finish on The X Factor UK. Unlike the majority of contestants that auditioned, Murs already had the talent he needed for a successful career. The then 25-year-old Murs proceeded to blow the judges away with his singing and energetic dance moves.

6. Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee first rose to fame with her second-place finish on American Idol season five. She managed to steal the hearts of countless fans with her out-of-this-world vocal abilities. Singing “God Bless the Child,” by Billie Holiday, McPhee stunned the judges with her unforgettable performance.

7. Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson first wowed the judges and audience with her American Idol run back in 2004. Since then she became a highly successful artist, an EGOT winner and a host of her very own talk show The Jennifer Hudson Show.

8. Harry Styles

Teenage Harry Styles auditioned for The X Factor and it started one of the most famous celebrity success stories. Since then, he became a part of the most famous boy band and now having his own solo career, Styles has gone a long way since working at a bakery in Cheshire, England.

9. Camilla Cabello

Camilla Cabello auditioned on The X Factor UK, making it through the first round with a rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.” She became part of the girl group Fifth Harmony who almost won the show, finishing in third place.

10. Fantasia Barrino

R&B singer and actress Fantasia Barrino rose to fame after winning the third season of American Idol. She is perhaps most famous for taking the title away from fellow competitor Jennifer Hudson who finished seventh in the same season.

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