10 ‘AGT’ Acts That Deserved the Golden Buzzer

Jill O'Rourke
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For years now, the America’s Got Talent judges have been hitting the Golden Buzzer to send their favorite acts to the live shows. But the Golden Buzzer acts don’t always make it to the Finals, and the acts who make it the farthest didn’t always start their journey with the honor.

Let’s take a look back at some of the best acts in the show’s history who didn’t receive the Golden Buzzer during their time on the show, but definitely deserved it. If you can believe it, there are a couple of AGT winners on this list, as well as several finalists.

AGT Acts That Deserved the Golden Buzzer

1. Shin Lim

This magician won Season 13 of the show and returned to win the first season of AGT: The Champions. However, he never received the Golden Buzzer during either competition. It’s surprising, considering how successful he’s become since the show. But it just shows how talented he is that he didn’t need that extra boost to win over America.

2. Marcelito Pomoy

This Filipino singer won Pilipinas Got Talent in 2011 and competed in the second season of AGT: The Champions. Marcelito showed off an incredible vocal range, singing in both tenor and soprano voices. He ended up finishing the season in fourth place, but he never earned the Golden Buzzer from the judges during his time on the show.

3. Kristy Sellars

This pole dancer, who previously won Australia’s Got Talent, showed off a unique and mesmerizing routine for her AGT audition in Season 17. She went on to finish the competition in second place, which is an impressive feat considering she didn’t receive the Golden Buzzer from the judges during the season.

4. Aidan Bryant

Here’s another runner-up who never earned the Golden Buzzer. Aidan was 16 when he auditioned for AGT Season 16 with his aerial act, sharing that he was self-taught. The judges were blown away by his audition, but none of them chose to hit the Golden Buzzer. Aidan made it all the way to second place without it.

5. Celia Muñoz

This Spain’s Got Talent winner showed us a form of ventriloquism we’re not used to, as she didn’t use a puppet. The judges were impressed by her audition, but none of them chose to hit the Golden Buzzer for her. She ended up making it to the Finals of Season 17 after being chosen as a wildcard by Sofia Vergara.


6. Dustin Tavella

Here’s another AGT winner who never received the Golden Buzzer. Dustin auditioned for Season 16 with an emotional magic routine in which he talked about adopting his son. The judges gave him a standing ovation, but no Golden Buzzer. Dustin went on to win the entire season with his heartfelt magic act.

7. BAD Salsa

This dance duo, who previously won India’s Got Talent, stunned the judges in Season 15 with their fast-paced, acrobatic routine. Although they earned a standing ovation, none of the judges hit the Golden Buzzer. Nevertheless, BAD Salsa made it all the way to the Finals with their talent.

8. Preacher Lawson

This Season 12 contestant is one of the most memorable comedians to ever compete on AGT. He made it to the Finals of his season and later returned for AGT: The Champions, where he made it to fifth place. Despite this, his hilarious audition for the show didn’t earn a Golden Buzzer from any of the judges.

9. Duo Transcend

This married trapeze duo first wowed the AGT judges and audience in Season 13, where they made it all the way to the Finals. They later returned to compete in AGT: The Champions, finishing the competition in second place. However, never during their time on either season did they earn the Golden Buzzer from the judges.

10. Daneliya Tuleshova

This singer from Kazakhstan auditioned for AGT when she was just 14 years old, showing off an incredible voice. She previously appeared in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and on The World’s Best. America voted her into the Finals of Season 15, but she never received the Golden Buzzer. This is surprising considering how many young female singers have earned the honor.

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