Zhavia And Candice Return to ‘The Four’ In Twist Challenges

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We thought that the four eliminated contestants, Ash Minor, Saeed Renaud, Zhavia, and Candice Boyd, were returning to The Four to each challenge one of the sitting four to regain their spots. Once again, the show has thrown us a curveball. The comeback kids first took on each other and then went for the sitting four. Though Zhavia and Candice returned, I still felt a little cheated.

Earlier in the evening, Vincnt took on Jason and took his seat and is now one of the final four. But then came the disappointing part. It was Evvie and not Zhavia who challenged Kendyle and got her seat. All week we’ve been anticipating that Zhavia would return to challenge Kendyle for her old seat. Instead, Zhavia went against Ash Minor and won and then Candice sang against Saeed and won. Zhavia then took Tim Johnson, Jr’s place and Candice knocked out Nick.

ash minor and zhaviaWhile it’s great to have Zhavia and Candice back, I still feel a little let down by the whole thing. It was kind of anti-climatic. I wanted a royal rumble and instead I got some minor ticket fights. Still, it was entertaining to watch. Now it comes down to these final four battling each other for the big prize next week.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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