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Who Is The Blob On ‘The Masked Singer’ UK? Clues Decoded + The Mask Revealed

Blob on 'The Masked Singer' UKITV/The Masked Singer UK

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The Masked Singer UK season 2 has unmasked some shocking names already. We’ve been racking our brains with the rest of the internet, making sense of all the clues. This week we saw Blob revealed and we hit the nail on the head. Check out the clues and how we predicted so right, down below. 

Blob sings “Addicted To Love” by Robert Palmer for their curtain call

Clues For The Blob on The Masked Singer UK Season 2

Week 1

In week one for the Blob, their clue package seemed to give some substantial hints. From the middle of an empty classroom, they tell us they are “big, bright, and loud.” Blob goes on to add that being called a four-eyes is nothing new to them. The extra eyes help them to “observe everything.” A few alphabet magnets are laid out on a desk. The letters form the words “hello,” “waists,” “jug,” and “goal.” We also learn that as a kid, they wanted to be “James Bond or Batman but instead [they] became the Blob.” Lastly Blob shares that they had recorded a demo for Simon Cowell. 

Week 2

Week two’s clues from the Blob may have helped to narrow down the field. They seem to dismiss the idea that they might be a teacher, but does claim they’re “a bit of an academic.” Blob jokes that he could teach the judges how to guess, adding they haven’t even figured out “the shape of [them].” A big tip comes as Blob admits to being a musician/songwriter. One that has gotten to “duet with some amazing artists,” “come face to face with some legendary and personal heroes,” and “worked with George Michael’s producer.” We also learn they’ve even once performed for a top political journalist. 

For two lies and a truth, Blob gave us this food for thought.

  • “I was named after a doctor”
  • “This blob is anything but squishy”
  • “I’m related to my sidekick”

Week 3

This week the performed song held significance as a clue and Blob sang “Hotel Room Service” by Pitbull. In regards to the clue package, they revealed a lot this week walking down the halls of a school. We can see an emphasis on a few clown drawings on the wall. They share that they have learned to “stand up for the things [they] believe in.” As they pass a row of lockers, we see magnetic letters spelling out names like Andy, Lucas, and Matt. Additional letters are scattered about with an emphasis on an “R” and “V.” Blob tells us that when they were young they learned “love can build bridges and break barriers.” We then see miniatures of Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty, and the Eiffel Tower. As Blob continues down the hall we see a few lunchboxes that also feature names, Rosie, Darren, and Casey. “Darren” is accompanied by a unicorn and butterfly sticker and “Casey” also has a butterfly sticker but adds two silver stars.

Week 4

We felt good with our guess after this clue package. We start the clues learning Blob loves to cook as much as sing. As he walks past a wall we can spot a “2b” and “Not 2b” stickers in the background. Adding to the theater vibes, Blob says “people love a ‘bard’ boy” but he’s “more interested in doing good.” Blob shares they feel it’s “important to use your platform to elevate others.” Now standing on the stage of Globe Theater, Blob admits their greatest pleasures have been doing “just that on some truly incredible stages.” We then find Blob at a school dance. “Disco” can be read in the background and they flash a skeleton wearing a crown. For the final clue, surveillance captures the masked star trying to pay for coffee with a large check.

Best Guesses for TMS UK’s Blob

ITV The Blob / Photo: ITV

The judges threw out all types of names. Their guesses included Greg Davies, Harry Hill, and Frank Skinner. None of those names seem popular with the internet sleuths, however. They seem to be strongly convinced it could be Lenny Henry.

Our Prediction for TMS UK’s Blob

Going off the clues so far, we are also predicting Blob could be comedian Sir Lenny Henry. 

GettyImages Sir Lenny Henry / Photo: Tristan Fewings / Stringer via Getty Images

Blob’s Clues Decoded

Week 1 Explained

Here’s how the clues have lead us to our prediction. The clues have made a lot of reference to education. As Blob admitted they are not a teacher, but Henry has personally achieved a lot academically. He has several degrees, most recently earning his PhD in 2018. Henry is also the chancellor at Birmingham City University. We believe Blob’s reference about being able to “observe everything” could be referencing when The Observer once named him on their list of the “50 funniest acts in British comedy.” 

Week 2 Explained

While we haven’t made sense of all the alphabet magnets, we can’t help but notice “waists” can be anagrammed as “tiswas,” the children’s show Henry’s known for once co-hosting. There’s a list of big names Henry has gotten to work with which includes Kate Bush, Prince, and Duffy to name a few. Blob’s one true statement if it is Henry, would make sense they were “named after a doctor” since Henry was named after the doctor that delivered him. 

Week 3 Explained

The song choice was confirmed to be a nod to Henry’s endorsements of the Premiere Inn hotel chain. Starting with the clowns, this has to be referencing Henry’s charity organization Comic Relief, which is known for the annual Red Nose Day. We also know Henry to be an outspoken advocate for racial equality in the British TV/Film industry.

Premiere Inn ad featuring Sir Lenny Henry

Week 4 Explained

Learning about their love for cooking was interesting. While we can’t say Henry loves to cook, he did star in the sitcom Chef! playing one. The Shakespeare references play to Henry’s experience on stage in productions of Othello and The Comedy of Errors. Henry has contributed to the elevation of others through his many charity efforts throughout his career. One incredible stage he did so on was for Amnesty International’s Big 3-0 benefit concert. Blob’s big check certainly solidified Henry as his charity organization Comic Relief has given many.

Did We Decode The Clues?

While some of the clues still don’t make connections for us, what we did figure out had us confident that it would be Sir Lenny Henry. What do you think of our sleuthing? Did you make sense where we couldn’t? Follow us for the rest of the reveals and you can catch The Masked Singer UK Saturdays at 7 pm on ITV.

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