‘The Voice’ Runner-Up Wendy Moten Goes Live to Congratulate Girl Named Tom

Corey Cesare
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Many fans were upset with the results of The Voice competition. Although Girl Named Tom won the series, Wendy Moten hopped on to Instagram Live to touch base with her fans to let them know that she is more than okay. Wendy was in the airport waiting for her flight back to Nashville when she talked to her fans.

The Voice Fans Are Upset to See Wendy in Second Place

Wendy was a frontrunner in the competition since her audition that landed her on Team Blake. Many fans were hardcore Wendy lovers throughout the season and were upset to see her in second place in the end. Today, Wendy went live on Instagram to talk about her experience on The Voice as a whole.

While some artists may have shared their disappointment in winning second place, Wendy was beaming. She began her live out by talking about how happy she is for Girl Named Tom. She said they’re great artists and she’s happy to have made it this far in the competition overall. Going into The Voice she thought the competition would be totally different.

The Voice is hard. I thought it was easy, there would be no pressure at all. It was all pressure,” Wendy said. “It was stressful everyday but I’m glad I did it. I have new energy.”

Since it was such a difficult experience for her, Wendy was happy to even be in the finale. This singer kept repeating that she has a new found energy and dreams after finishing the series. She’s thankful for the experience as a whole and has no hard feelings. Wendy even joked and said she thinks she can go to Disneyland, but she forgot what prize the runner-up was supposed to get.

What’s Next for Wendy After The Voice?

Wendy’s immediate plans are to rest up and relax. On Friday, she will be going into surgery for her elbow that she broke during the live shows. When exiting the stage after the Team Blake performance three weeks ago, the 57 year old singer tripped over a speaker and broke her elbow and fractured her wrist. In the next episode, she was seen in two slings.

After Wendy’s surgery she will be recovering for two to three months. She has promised that she will keep in contact with her fans on Instagram live during the recovery process. All in all, Wendy cannot wait until she can perform live again.

The artist shared that everybody is invited to her future concerts, no matter how they identify. She wants to explore different genres of music and hopes to see many new faces at upcoming shows.

On top of everything, Wendy shared that she’s really hoping to get a record deal out of her time on The Voice. Every comment on the live that talked about a possible deal she agreed with, stating that she really wants one.

Wendy also shared she hopes to plan a collaboration with Blake Shelton, as well as the rest of The Voice coaches in the near future. Since she wants to explore genres, I’m sure they’ll all find a way to collaborate.

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