‘The Voice’ Has Its Best Night Ever On The First Live Show


That title isn’t hyperbole. Not only do I believe that but the coaches did as well. I’ve said before that I think this is the strongest group of singers in the history of The Voice and it is getting harder to choose who is the clear favorite. Everyone did an amazing job.

Brooke Simpson

What can we say about Brooke. We’ve predicted that she is going to win and it’s easy to see why withe her rendition of Praying by Kesha. She doesn’t have the best voice but she’s one of the best performers. I predict she’ll make it through.

Red Marlow

I like Red. I’d like to have a beer with Red. What I worry about with him is that compared to the others as far as vocals go, he’s not in the same category. Still, there are a lot of country fans out there.

Shi’Ann Jones

Shi-Ann was pretty brave to take on Vision of Love by Mariah Carey, not exactly an easy song. She was wild and free and really showed why she deserved to be there. She’ll definitely move on.

Jon Mero

Jon’s strategy thus far is to show us only a little of what he can do at a time, which is smart. It keeps it from getting boring. He’ll easily move on.

Ashland Craft

This was not her strongest performance though plenty proficient. The problem is at this point you need to wow and she didn’t wow.

Adam Cunningham

Adam sang Against All Odds by Phil Collins, slightly countryfied. It was OK but it had a lot of problems. I wonder if this is the end of the road for Adam?

Chloe Kohanski

Perfect song with Thank You by Dido. Perfect performance. It may come down in the end to her vs. Brooke. What a performer!

Davon Fleming

He came from relative obscurity in the competition to being one of the strongest voices on the show. He will continue no doubt.

Addison Agen

Addison was a little pitchy at times. I think it might have been nerves. She did She Used to be Mine by Sara Bareilles and it was good, but right now she needed great.

Keisha Renee

Keisha continues to mix soul and country with this version of Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight. It was kind of weird but it worked for me.

Noah Mac

I like Noah Mac but his rendition of Speed of Sound by Coldplay was off. Just off. I’m afraid he may have done himself in.

Janice Freeman
Janice has the best voice out of anyone on this show. Period. What more can I say?

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