The Top 20 Solo Dancers on ‘America’s Got Talent,’ ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

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Solo dance acts are some of the most entertaining performances on the America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent stages. From the many solo dancing acts, we’ve picked the 20 dancers who stood out from the rest of the competition. These are the top 20 solo dancers on AGT and BGT.

1. Akshat Singh – BGT 2019

The motivational kid dancer from Mumbai, India, Akshat Singh wowed the judges and audience with his high-energy moves. The hosts of the show, Ant and Dec were impressed enough to give Singh their Golden Buzzer for the season.

2. Turf – AGT 2012

Turf is a hip-hop dancer who combined contortionism and robotic movements to his routines. He became homeless and have to live in the streets for a time, using his talent to make ends meet.

3. Max Ostler – AGT 2022

This Australian dancer has the moves of an acrobat and the gracefulness of a ballerina, incorporating both in his routines. Max Ostler performed to “Falling Like the Stars,” by James Arthur during the auditions.

4. Keith Apicary – AGT 2021

Keith Apicary is a video game enthusiast who loves to dance. This AGT dancer is not like other dancers as he is not professionally trained. He makes up for the lack of skill with high energy and lively dance moves that get the viewers cheering for him.

5. Balance Unity – BGT 2016

Balance Unity whose real name is Taylor Goodridge is a dancer with a wide variety of dance moves. His routine can range from Elvis Presley’s classic moves to more modern hip-hop routines.

6. Skylar Blu – BGT 2022

At only seven years old during her audition, Skylar Blu managed to impressed the judges and audience with her dance. Her routine shows off her talent for ballet dancing, mimicking moves from veteran dancers.

7. Kenichi Ebina – AGT 2013

Kenichi Ebina is the eventual winner of season eight of AGT, coming all the way from Japan, he managed to win the hearts of fans all over the world. He showcases robotic dance moves combine with matrix exhibitionism.

8. Ethan Higgins – BGT 2019

Ethan Higgins is a nine-year-old dancer from Dublin, Ireland, who auditioned for BGT series 13. His routine consists of break dancing to more modern dance music.

9. Amanda Lacount – AGT 2020

Amanda Lacount wowed the judges with her dance moves that aren’t normally seen by someone with her build. For her to be able to move quickly enough in her dance routine is a surprising sight to see.

10. George Sampson – BGT 2008

George Sampson is a breakdancer that competed in series one and two of BGT. Although he didn’t make it to the semi-finals in his first run, he managed to win the show in series two.

11. Jonathan Lutwyche – BGT 2015

Jonathan Lutwyche is a ballet dancer that performs as if he’s floating in the air. The spins and backflips he did were performed with seamless effort.

12. Breez Carver – AGT 2021

Much like the previous entry, Breez Carver performed like a ballerina who’s floating in the air. She is a more unique dancer as she puts emotion into her routines like she’s telling a story.

13. Merrick Hanna – AGT 2017

Merrick Hanna is a 12-year-old performer who is already a hip-hop dancer, popper, animator, and actor. He danced a routine that is meant to portray a broken robot to Alec Benjamin’s “I Built a Friend.”

14. Noah Epps – AGT 2020

Another child performed at only 11 years old, Noah Epps distinguishes himself from the crowd by bringing something unique to the table. Complete with makeup that makes him look like a puppet, he performed robotic and flexible dance moves in his routines.

15. Oscar Donnelly – BGT 2018

The youngest dancer on the list, Oscar Donnelly was only six years old when he auditioned on BGT in 2018. He performed an Irish-style tap dance showcasing very quick steps on his routine.

16. Mischa Palor – BGT 2022

Yet another child dancer, nine-year-old Mischa Palor first performed a classical routine changing it up to a more fast-paced routine.

17. Lewis Shilvock – AGT 2020

Lewis Shilvock shows unbelievable and surprising dance moves during his routine on the AGT stage. Shilvock danced to perfection during his audition, not missing a single step on his routine.

18. Paisley Kerswell – BGT 2016

Painsley Kerswell is probably the youngest breakdancer who performed in BGT, and has dance moves like a pro. With how well she moves, she could pass as an experienced dancer while she performs.

19. Tobias Mead – BGT 2010

Tobias Mead started dancing a hip-hop routine during his audition, then switched it up by adding an unorthodox style. Mead danced while his back was faced to the judges, having a mask attached to the back of his head.

20. Bayley Graham – AGT 2022

The tap dancer from New Zealand, Bayley Graham is every bit as entertaining as he is motivated. The young Graham has a passion for tap dancing looking to make a living with his talent. He auditioned on AGT season 17 where he wowed the judges with his dancing skills and lively personality.

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