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‘The Masked Singer’s Group A, Group B Will Compete Head to Head in New Finale Format


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The Masked Singer is changing up the competition going into its sixth season. Beware super fans, you’re going to see a different type of competition in this season’s finale.

America’s favorite celebrity guessing game returns this September with a similar format as previous seasons, but there’s a twist:

“For the first time in the show’s history, the winner of Group A will face off against the winner of Group B for the ultimate Mask-Off Face-Off in the season finale episode,” FOX revealed.

It seems like the show will no longer have three contestants in the finale, but just two going head to head. I think it will be putting emphasis on crowning winners from each group first. Then, the groups will go against each other head to head for the final mask-off.

This finale seems pretty intense for super fans and the panel. But it’s a bit confusing considering there will be more than just the two groups this season. FOX stated that the wildcard contestants will also be returning to the show in season six. Their presence will create a third group, Group C. The confusion in this new finale lies in the success of a wildcard contestant. I’m not sure what would happen if a wildcard contestant makes it to the finale. I would imagine the show would keep its three contestant formatting in that situation to include each group, but I’m not sure what they’re exactly thinking here.

New Formatting Adds More Excitement For Viewers, Audience Members

This exciting, but confusing, new format will make the final unmasking much more intense, if it even needed that! The filming for The Masked Singer concludes on August 11, so it’s possible this new formatting has been implemented for this season specifically based on who made it to the finale.

What’s special about this season is that it will be implementing an audience like never before. This season was filmed in a hybrid format, featuring both an live in person audience and an at-home voting audience. I’m hoping that the at home audience will be seen virtually on the screen alongside the in-person audience to put the cherry on top of their hybrid model. Even though there were 12 COVID-19 cases the season will continue to film with a live audience.

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