‘The Masked Dancer’ Top 3 Is Revealed After Exciting Night Of Performances

Samantha Agate
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The Masked Dancer Semifinals was the most exciting week yet! We saw four amazing performances jam-packed with clues that hint at the masked celebrities’ identities. Keep reading to find out who was eliminated in tonight’s episode.

Who Is The Cotton Candy?

Clues: The clue package started with The Cotton Candy talking about how love has always taken a backseat in her life. There was a cup with a supergirl picture on it in the clue package. She said four years of her life flew by and she has done a ton of traveling. In the background were some images of destinations she has traveled to. The word “boss” was highlighted in the clue package. The Cotton Candy was also standing in a cute bedroom with a bed that has a heart patterned comforter on it.

Performance: The set had signs that resembled the New York City Subway. This cheerleading themed routine was extremely high-energy. In the middle of the routine, the music switched to “Hey Mickey.” The Cotton Candy began stepping along to a tune of her own. She did multiple high kicks and leaps throughout the routine. In this episode, the contestants went with a Valentine’s Day theme and read a valentine that connects with one of the judges. The Cotton Candy said that guest judge Will Arnett has given her love on The Masked Singer and now she is giving him love. Her one-word clue after the performance is “cover girl.”

Judges Guesses: Will guessed Tara Lipinski because when he was a guest judge on The Masked Singer, that was one of the guesses he made. Brian Austin Green agreed with this guess. Ashley is convinced that it’s Simone Biles. Paula guessed that it is Gabby Douglas because she was on an episode of Undercover Boss.

After the performance, The Cotton Candy gave an undercover clue. She said that she is a “fierce performer” and has gone up against fierce competition before.

Who Is The Sloth?

Clues: The Sloth held a pita bread on a plate and took a bite out of it in the clue package. He said that he found true love. When he was younger he was a bad boy and a ladies’ man. The Sloth was lonely until he met the love of his life. There was a stethoscope in the clue package. A stork also flew across the screen.

Performance: The Sloth danced to “Dancing With A Stranger” in another comedic routine. He wore a bright yellow suit and did a partner routine that required both ballroom skills and hilarious acting abilities. There were quite a few quirky moments with him doing pelvic thrusts or shaking his bum. His Valentine’s Day clue said that he has worked with one of Brian’s co-stars. His one-word clue after the performance is “app.”

Judges Guesses: Ken thinks it’s Patrick Dempsey under the mask because he was always a ladies’ man. Paula thinks it is Maksim Chmerkovskiy from Dancing With The Stars. Brian thinks it’s Maks’s brother Val Chmerkovskiy.

His undercover clue after the performance is that competing runs in the family and he just wants to make them proud.


Who Is The Zebra?

Clues: There is a post-it note that says “OK” in the clue package. He has a huge heart under his tough exterior. There was an engagement ring flashing in the clue package. He lost someone very special to him growing up. Now, he tries to raise awareness and be part of the cure. The Zebra drove a car in the clue package with “510” written on the license plate. He knows the person he lost is going to be watching his performance from up above.

Performance: This was a Las Vegas-inspired jazz routine that involved a lot of traditional moves. A pool table was on the far right of the stage as he danced with his partner. At the end of the routine, The Zebra burst through a poker chip. Security jokingly escorted him off the stage. His Valentine’s clue said that Paula gave him a shoutout online so he is giving her a shoutout now. He also revealed that he and Paula have previously taken a picture together. His one-word clue after the performance is “box office.”

Judges Guesses: Will thinks it is Mike Tyson under the mask. Ken actually thinks it is a wrestler because of the ring clue and guessed The Miz. Brian thinks it is Oscar De La Hoya.

His undercover clue is that he did not come to The Masked Dancer to win a bronze medal. He came to win the gold.

Who Is The Tulip?

Clues: There was a clue of an iceberg coming out of The Tulip’s back like wings. There was also a clue that referenced sleeping. She said she is the youngest left in the competition and that some things never change. She misses her best bud even though she has taken home more trophies than her. A paper with an angry face on it and a “D” was also highlighted. There were also posters around The Tulip’s bedroom of BTS, Harry Styles and Justin Bieber. She also made a reference to Hype House on TikTok.

Performance: This week she performed a super fast-paced polka routine. She did a synchronized dance with her partner while a snowy location flashed on the screen in the background. Her Valentine’s clue is for Ashley. She has danced to High School Musical for over 10,000 hours. Her one-word clue is “butterflies.”

Judges Clues: Ashley guessed that it is Mackenzie Ziegler from Dance Moms. Will thinks it is Noah Cyrus under the mask. Paula still thinks it’s Liza Koshy.


Who Was Eliminated From ‘The Masked Dancer’?

The Zebra was eliminated from the competition after receiving the lowest number of votes. The judges were able to ask him some last minute questions before he was unmasked. He revealed that millions of people watched him on television. He has performed in Las Vegas and has a special lady in his life. The Zebra is taller than Ken and has a special award on his mantle.

Ken stuck with his guess of The Miz. Ashley thinks it is Conor McGregor. Paula guessed that it is Floyd Mayweather. Brian thinks it is Oscar De La Hoya and Will agreed with this guess.

And The Zebra was revealed to be…Oscar De La Hoya. This two-time Olympic medalist said that this was the best experience of his life. This Grammy nominee once took a photo with Paula.

Were you shocked to find out the identity of The Zebra on The Masked Dancer?

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