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Terry Crews Gives Exciting First Look at the ‘AGT: Extreme’ Finale

Terry Crews AGT ExtremeJace Downs/NBC

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Terry Crews shared a behind the scenes video from the final episode of AGT: Extreme. The America’s Got Talent spin off series concludes on Monday, March 14. The final episode features more auditions, guest performances and the crowning of the first ever champion of AGT: Extreme.

Terry Crews Ramps Up Excitement For The AGT: Extreme Final Episode

Crews’ shared a video of him in a swimming pool. Within the video it’s obvious that he’s in the pool to introduce an upcoming act. We haven’t seen a water based act in the competition, so this might be an introduction is for a new act. The television host is in good spirit in this video, he’s smiling and joking with the crew before they begin to role.

“Welcome back to AGT: Extreme. Our next act is diving head first into the competition, don’t hold your breath people!” He says.

We’ve seen many different extreme talents throughout the entirety of the spin off series. Sway pole artists, dancing machines, fire spinning and a world renowned acrobat performer will be on stage in the next installment of AGT: Extreme. It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a water based act performing tonight.

This behind the scenes shot definitely ramped up the excitement for the final episode of the series. AGT: Extreme‘s roster filled with amazing never seen before acts. Multiple new acts are auditioning in the beginning of this jam packed episode. Since this finale is full of talent, it’s hard to determine whether or not these last four acts will make it into the final round.

Who is Performing In the Finale?

Ahead of the finale, it was shared that AGT: Extreme judge Travis Pastrana would be guest performing along with Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker. On Monday morning, Pastrana shared a video of the behind the scenes of his BMX performance in the finale. The first person point of view video shows Pastrana on the bike in front of the camera. The judge does multiple tricks on ramps before finishing on the AGT: Extreme stage. The caption of the video reveals that Pastrana will be performing at the same time as Barker and Lavigne.

It’s currently unclear as to what this upcoming episode will look like tonight. We’re not sure if all of the acts will have the time to perform for a second time on the show. I don’t see the show having enough time to run through acts again with the format including both auditions and performances. I really hope we don’t see another round of off screen judge cuts like in AGT season 16, but it seems like that’s the direction this series will take.

Voting for this spin off series is completely controlled through the superfan voting party. In the last season of AGT: The Champions, it was announced that the voting party consisted of a group that represents all 50 states. It seems like these fans may determine who’s going to be the final acts remaining for the season. We predict that Alfredo Silva and Cyndel Flores will be the Top 2 contestants this season.

Alfredo shared a video on Sunday, insinuating that his group will take to the stage once again. The danger act shared a video of a giant truck loaded with everything that makes up his globe of death act. The caption of the video states that the daredevil has prepared his entire life for this moment. He’s been riding globe of death since he was nine years old.

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