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  • 10 Fun Facts About Grace Davies of ‘The X Factor UK’

    Jason Ginsburg - 3 years ago

    By day, she works in a warehouse, packing CDs and records. By night, she sells CDs -- her own. She's Grace Davies, a 20-year-old singer and songwriter from a rural village in Britain. And she has taken The X Factor UK by storm. She got a…

  • Uncovering The Mis-Teeq. Who Is Alesha Dixon?

    Talent - 4 years ago

    Alesha Dixon is a multi-talented British celebrity. She has showcased her talents in the field of singing, songwriting, dancing, rapping, modeling, TV presenting, and fashion design. She first stepped into the limelight with her works with the all-female R&B/garage trio band The Mis-Teeq. The trio…

  • The Person We Love To Hate. Who Is Simon Cowell?

    Talent - 4 years ago

    Popular for being a reality TV judge, Simon Cowell is globally acclaimed for his contribution in the field of arts and entertainment. Apart from being a great reality TV judge, he is also a producer and an entrepreneur. Simon Phillip Cowell has also earned the…


American Idol Judges Gone WILD!

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Simon Cowell or Katy Perry's American Idol? + OUTRAGE Over Rejection Of Trans Teen Contestant!

40.8K views February 22, 2021 4:06 pm

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