‘Songland’ Renewed for Season 2: What to Expect & What Needs to Change

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We have GREAT NEWS: Songland has been renewed for season 2! The show, which highlights songwriters competing to write songs for big name artists, will be returning for a second season.

Here’s the official announcement from Songland after they got the “Greenlight” for season 2:

What to Expect on Songland Season 2

While there hasn’t been anything officially announced besides the fact that season 2 of Songland is happening, we hope we can expect a lot more of the same. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! We also don’t have an air date yet but if it was just announced, we wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t until next summer.

From a show perspective, we would be surprised if the producers/mentors change/ They’re some of the best in the business and all contribute different things. Ryan Tedder has become the overhaul/reworking melodies guy, Shane McAnally is the lyrical genius, and Ester Dean knows exactly how to make the beat and life of a song just right. And they have backgrounds in different genres so that is covered! Because they don’t have any live shows, the schedule can be pretty flexible for them too. The only wildcard in the producers on the show is if Adam Levine, who recently exited The Voice, wants to join the panel. But we won’t hold our breath!

Fun Facts with Songland‘s mentors/producers Ester Dean, Ryan Tedder, and Shane McAnally

For artists, now that the first season is over, that should take away some of the scariness of being on the show. We expect that season 2 will have bigger names than the first, which is a big bar to raise! But after seeing how well the process works, it should draw in more artists to give it a shot. I mean some big songs came out of the show, like the Jonas Brothers’ “Greenlight” and Kelsea Ballerini’s “Better Luck Next Time.” And just this week, Sam DeRosa released her own version of “Pill for This,” which spent most of the week on the iTunes charts. That’s a huge incentive for songwriters too!

What Needs to Change For Songland To Do Better?

As far as what needs to change, there are a few things that could definitely help the show. Let’s get into what we think would bring Songland to the next level.

How Songland Season 1 Changed Lives and the Music Industry

First, Songland needs to regulate the prize in season 2. Mainly, artists shouldn’t be able to not record a song, like Charlie Puth did. If they want to choose multiple winners, like will.i.am and Aloe Blacc, that’s fine! But you have to have the artist play by the rules and record the winning songwriter’s song. That’s the whole point of the show after all! Then, they need to work more on promoting them so these songs can become hits. Not just songs that are on the iTunes charts for a week, but ones that translate to the radio.

Second, the show needs to happen all at once. This season, it took a six week break right in the middle. All momentum Songland had built up was lost when new episodes stopped airing. Plus, the second half of the season was definitely weaker than the first. So when it comes to keeping ratings up, NBC has to keep the show on the same night at the same time all season.

Third and last, I wouldn’t mind spending more time on the writing sessions with the songwriters and producers during the show. Yes, it maybe isn’t the most exciting thing to watch. But they’ve montaged them to such a small segment that the show is only about their performances. One of the most interesting things about Songland is the look you get into the songwriting process. Even when talking about their biggest hits, the mentors/producers all discuss writing sessions as a big collaboration. We lose a lot of that in how it’s depicted on the show.

How to Apply for Songland Season 2

But all that being said, we are definitely excited for season 2! If you want to be a part of Songland season 2, the show is now accepting songs from writers. You can submit them through their casting website.


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