‘Songland’ Florida Georgia Line Recap: Popular Duo Finds Their Next Catchy Country Hit

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Florida Georgia Line, one of the biggest country artists of all time came to Songland looking for their next huge country smash hit. The duo consists of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley. They have three of the top five biggest country songs of all time. Not only have they written hit songs for themselves, but for other popular artists as well. They are looking for an energetic country song that everyone can sing along to.


Here’s what happened when Florida Georgia Line came to Songland.

Griffen Palmer Hopes To Impress Florida Georgia Line

His song is called “Second Guessing.” Ryan Tedder said that there needs to be more time references in the song. Shane McAnally agrees that the lyrics could play on emotions a lot more. But Shane absolutely loves the song. Florida Georgia Line says they can “work with this” and think they could change the opening line of the song. They both related personally to the song especially the lyrics about seeing the person you are going to marry for the first time. Honestly, it would be rather surprising if this song doesn’t win. He will be moving on to work with Shane McAnally.


Lukr Is A Breath Of Fresh Air On ‘Songland’

Lukr is one passionate songwriter. His song “Hopes High” is about failure. He thinks failure is the one thing he is really good at since he’s done so much of it. He doesn’t have a fallback plan if music doesn’t work out. The reason he relates to Florida Georgia Line so much is that he doesn’t fit into a mold just like they do not fit into one specific music category. Bryan and Tyler love the song because it feels fresh but they think they can add some melodic changes to the song. The producers encourage him to “find the notes” and seek out the proper melody. He will be moving on to work with Ryan.

Shawn Austin Brings A New Flavor To Country Music

Shawn Austin is from Vancouver, Canada. Music was always his initial passion. People often wonder how he, a city kid from Canada got into country music but he wants to show that it’s not about where you’re from, it’s about telling stories. His song is called “Ain’t Going Nowhere.” It has R&b vibes to it and a really great beat which is something that Florida Georgia Line songs always have. He is excited about this opportunity to pitch a song to such huge artists in country music.

Florida Georgia Line feels like the hook can be a bit better and come sooner in the song. They just want to make it “fresher.” Shane wrestles with the idea of changing the title to “Lean On.” Ester Dean says that she can add a pop punch to the song to make it more dynamic. He will be moving on to work with Ester.

Victoria Banks Came To Show The Producers That She Is A Major Contender

Victoria Banks is a singer-songwriter that has been in the business for years. She has gone through many struggles in her life including infertility issues and her mother’s suicide but she has come to Songland to make her dreams come true. She has always wanted to write country songs. Her song “City of Dreams” was written for Nashville flood relief in 2010 and was sung by over 40 artists. She is singing her original song called “That’s A Country Song.” Ester felt like a part of the song. Shane wants to punch up the melody of the song. It’s definitely an anthem and a more upbeat song. Unfortunately, she will not be moving on to work with the producers.

Griffen Palmer (With Shane McAnally)

Shane wants to change the pace of the song to keep people listening. He wants to do something “bouncy” and then open up into the chorus. Florida Georgia Line says they want it to sound like a bit of a wedding song. Shane then changes the song again to make it sound more suitable for them. Bryan and Tyler call the new song “powerful.” The production was really great and the hooks that were added to the song made it more catchy.

Lukr (With Ryan Tedder)

Florida Georgia Line likes the lyrics of the original song but thinks it would be fun to play around with them a little bit. They want to keep the “good times vibe” of the song. Ryan is committed to doing a full lyric and melody rewrite. The new song is called “What You’re Putting Down.” Florida Georgia Line calls the new song an “anthem love jam.”

Shawn Austin (With Ester Dean)

Ester wants to lift the melody and make the concept bigger. They need to ignite energy into the song because Florida Georgia Line always plays in huge stadiums. The new title of the song is “Lean On.” Florida Georgia Line absolutely loves the song and thinks it’s “new and fresh.” The verse and the melody sounds exactly like something the duo would sing.

And The Winning Song Is…

“Second Guessing” by Griffen Palmer and Shane McAnally! They really found their slow wedding song. This is not what they originally came in looking for but were sold on the emotional aspects of the song. Florida Georgia Line said that for the two songs that did not win, they will pitch them to their artist friends. Songland is always a beneficial process even for the songwriters that do not win.


Tune in Next week to see legendary group Boyz II Men find their next R&B hit.

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