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Here’s Why the Skeleton on ‘The Masked Singer’ is NOT Martin Short:


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The guessing game has begun on The Masked Singer season two! But one of the most popular guesses for the Skeleton, Martin Short, doesn’t line up. And we know exactly why.

We’re going to decode the Skeleton’s clues and prove that it is NOT Martin Short under the mask!

The Skeleton sings “Rapper’s Delight” on The Masked Singer

The Skeleton’s Performances & Judge’s Guesses

Rising from the dead, the Skeleton started by singing “Rapper’s Delight.” Let’s just say the judges weren’t thinking this was a professional singer. But after his first performance, the Skeleton surprised the audience when he sang “Hard to Handle” in the Smackdown. His voice has some grit and soul for sure, helping him to narrowly escape elimination.

Initial guesses from the judges were all pointing to Martin Short. The judges even mentioned him in the first few notes of the first song! Jenny also guessed Jon Cryer or Nathan Lane. Robin guessed Dana Carvey or Mike Meyers. But after joking it was his dad, Ken says he KNOWS it’s Martin Short, because he idolizes him and has studied him. Martin is also a Broadway star so it would be fitting!

Clues about the Skeleton on The Masked Singer…is it Martin Short?

…But The Clues Say The Skeleton is NOT Martin Short

However, if you look at the clues, very few of them point to Martin Short being the Skeleton. Starting in the Super Sneak Peak, we saw the number “4261” on a tombstone, which HAS to be a clue. But that number has no relation to Martin Short. Why would they have a random number on a tombstone if it isn’t alluding to ANYTHING we can find on the celebrity?

Then, his clue package in the premiere left us with even more questions about Martin Short. The Skeleton says he chose his costume because he has “no fear of death.” He’s been around the block a few times, implying that he’s an older celebrity. At 69 years old, Martin Short does check this box! But that’s about where the connections end.

He says so many doors have been opened to him and he always says yes, but he’s “tired of playing second fiddle!” Though Martin Short has had his hand in television, TV, Broadway, comedy and even video games, I would hardly say he plays “second fiddle.” He’s had his own comedy specials and is one of the most beloved SNL alumni after all! Martin Short is often the lead in movies and television shows, so this doesn’t line up.

The Skeleton closes the package by saying that tonight will be a “wild and crazy party.” A Christmas party is shown on the screen too. Later, he says that he “has no booty to shake,” so he has to “shake shake shake his bones.” All these party references don’t make any sense for Martin Short. But they did lead the judges to guess Wayne’s World stars Dana Carvey or Mike Myers!

FOX The Skeleton on The Masked Singer

Who is the Skeleton on The Masked Singer Then?

After all that, you must be wondering who the Skeleton is! Well now that we’ve debunked The Masked Singer Martin Short rumor, take a look at our prediction for the Skeleton! You’ll see that the clues line up perfectly.

For more clues and performances, tune in every Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX.

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