‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 Premiere Recap: TWO Celebrities Revealed!

Kyle Montplaisir
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The Masked Singer is back for season 2! With bigger stars, harder clues, and better performances, it is set to be even more epic (and difficult to guess) than the first season. We can’t wait to see if it lives up to those promises!

Here’s our recap of the premiere episode of The Masked Singer!

The Butterfly sings “Bang Bang” on The Masked Singer Premiere

Who is the Butterfly?

Clues: The Butterfly says that she has been waiting patiently for the past year for her “metamorphosis.” She is seen on a photo shoot as she talks about thriving in different fields. Is it possible she has had a career in modeling? Then, she says that London used to be home to her. The Butterfly ends by saying she’s here to “take us to church” and is seen praying. When asked, she tells the judges she has “a lot of soul in her wings.”

Performance: For the first performance of season 2, the Butterfly sings “Bang Bang.” And she’s got an impressive range and movement! She dances along with the backup dancers and her high note is in the stratosphere. Impressive! This HAS to be a singer.

Guesses: The judges agreed with me that the Butterfly must be a professional singer. Nicole guess Cara DeLevingne and Diana Ross, then Jenny predicts it’s Fantasia or Mel B.

The Egg sings “Just Dance” on The Masked Singer Premiere

Who is the Egg?

Clues: The Egg starts by introducing himself, saying he’s “strong on the outside but vulnerable on the inside.” A swan is seen on the screen. He says coming on the show is a “leap” for him. After years of being “on top of the pyramid,” he’s here to join the ranks of The Masked Singer celebrities. He’s seen hanging up decorations with dress and skateboard sketches. A designer or skater maybe? At the end, he says he’s “going for the gold.”

Performance: Singing “Just Dance,” the Egg tears up the stage with his presence and dancing. His singing is not the best, but he made up for it in energy! This is quite the show, with posing and jumping around throughout.

Guesses: Jenny guesses Johnny Weir or Adam Rippon, but Ken think it’s Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye. Because of the dress sketches, Nicole guesses designer Christian Siriano.

The Thingamajig sings “Easy” on The Masked Singer Premiere

Who is the Thingamajig?

Clues: Thingamajig raps his entire package. This is impressive! He says he’s a “gentle giant, the feathery kind.” The package shows puzzles and he mentions He also shows a “magic case” and tells us to “keep up the pace.” It really is going quickly too! Thingamajig says he’s more than “fashion shoots and dreams,” though he’s not known for singing, It also shows him with basketball shoes, then a cupcake with a “4” candle on it.

Performance: Though the preview for the season showed him singing “Rainbow,” he covers “Easy” in the premiere episode. But it is just as amazing! He is truly talented and has a great voice. He sounds soulful and smooth, impressing the judges and audience.

Guesses: After complimenting his performance, the judges had some predictions. Robin guessed Michael Strahan, Jenny guessed Steph Curry (which the other judges quickly shot down), and Nicole went for Dennis Rodman.

The Skeleton sings “Rapper’s Delight” on The Masked Singer Premiere

Who is the Skeleton?

Clues: The Skeleton says he chose his costume because he has “no fear of death.” He’s been around the block a few times. He says so many doors have been opened to him and he always says yes. But he’s “tired of playing second fiddle!” The Skeleton says tonight will be a “wild and crazy party” and some guys are seen at a Christmas party. He says that he “has no booty to shake,” so he has to “shake shake shake his bones.”

Performance: For his first performance, the Skeleton sings “Rapper’s Delight,” which was definitely a surprise! He needs some help stepping down from a platform at the beginning but it’s hard to say if that’s because he’s older or because of his costume. Though he’s not a rapper by any means, this is fun to watch!

Guesses: During the song, the judges immediately guess it’s Martin Short. Jenny guesses Jon Cryer or Nathan Lane. Robin guesses Dana Carvey or Mike Meyers. But after joking it was his dad, Ken says he KNOWS it’s Martin Short, because he idolizes him and has studied him. Martin is also a Broadway star!

SMACKDOWN: Egg vs. Skeleton

In Group A, the Butterfly went up against the Egg and Thingamajig went up against the Skeleton. The Egg and Skeleton ended up losing their match-ups, so the two went into a Smackdown to see which celebrity would be revealed. The loser of the Smackdown is eliminated tonight!

Egg: To kick off the Smackdown, the Egg sang “One Way or Another.” He gets right up in Skeleton’s face! And his vocals are decent but nothing eggstaordinary.

Skeleton: The Skeleton responds with “Hard to Handle” and he brings it this time around! He definitely stepped it up from his first performance. It probably helps that this was less of a rap too. And this led to Nicole doubting that he is Martin Short, as she had thought before.

After both performances, the Skeleton won the Smackdown. The Egg’s true identity will be revealed at the end of tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer!

The Ladybug sings “Holding Out For A Hero” on The Masked Singer Premiere

Who is the Ladybug?

Clues: The Ladybug starts her clues on camera of an old-timey show on “KSOR.” She is seen standing next to a wheel, hosting a mock game show. She says “after a life time of drama,” she could really use love and luck. She was born into the limelight and her family feuds were public. But after years of spinning the wheel, being anonymous on the show feels like a “prize.” The Ladybug mentions luck many times, so that’s a potential clue. In a Southern accent, she also says she’s been through a lot in her life.

Performance: Starting on a mountain that looks like a leaf, the Ladybug sang “Holding Out For A Hero” from Footloose. Her voice is strong and Jenny comments, “she can SANG!” Ladybug hits all the notes, causing Robin to think she’s younger. She seems to be having a lot of fun on stage!

Guesses: Nicole thinks she’s a trained singer and “recognized her tone,” but can’t figure out who it is. Robin guessed Lily Collins, Jenny guessed Willow Smith, and Ken guessed Lindsay Lohan. Jenny then thought it might be Jamie Lynn Spears.

The Rottweiler sings “Maneater” on The Masked Singer Premiere

Who is the Rottweiler?

Clues: The Rottweiler says “you gotta look your best” to perform your best. He mentions “pigskin” and “Friday night lights,” leading the judges to think he’s a football player. A guy is seen catching a football in the background. Then, the shot shifts to blue roses. The Rottweiler says he rose to fame “almost overnight” and shows a championship ring. He chose the Rottweiler because he was bitten by one as a kid and wants to prove it’s “not over” for him. He mentions he has a “wait and see” attitude.

Performance: Though the judges were guessing he was a football player, when Rottweiler starts singing “Maneater,” they look shocked. He clearly has some vocal prowess! He has some rasp in his voice but it’s so smooth in the upper register. Rottweiler could be one to look out for!

Guesses: Ken bows down to the Rottweiler, saying he is “the star.” Robin guesses Russell Wilson based on his height. He also guesses Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys. Jenny says Nick Lachey, though the other judges point out that Nick is taller. Ken guesses J.C. Chasez. Nicole commented that he had the style of Bruno Mars at times!

The Tree sings “High Hopes” on The Masked Singer Premiere

Who is the Tree?

Clues: The Tree is seen in a storage box #30. She talks about being around seasonally and being a “Christmas star.” She is also seen on a black and white TV. The Tree says she can “dish it out” and talks about cooking. She says she’s an “old-school entertainer” who can “do it all.” The Tree is here to “jazz up” the show! Her voice has a Southern twang to it when she talks.

Performance: When she takes the stage, the Tree sings “High Hopes” by Panic! at the Disco. She has a fun personality and her voice isn’t bad! Especially considering she covered such a dynamic song with a big range, she did it justice. Plus, the high notes she hit were spot on!

Guesses: Ken and Nicole guess Beverly D’Angelo. Nicole also throws out Zooey Deschanel and Rachael Ray. Jenny guesses Wendi McLendon-Covey from The Goldbergs!

The Ice Cream sings “Old Town Road” on The Masked Singer Premiere

Who is the Ice Cream?

Clues: Ice Cream says that growing up, he got a lot of flack for “doing the thing that [he] loved the most.” He believed in himself and turned his ridiculous fantasy into a reality. Then, he’s seen breaking a plank with his punch? Ice Cream also mentions having a “billion.” He’s used to performing in front of millions of people, he says as guys in emoji masks throw money around him. He wants to take this competition “to the next level.”

Performance: As soon as the music to “Old Town Road” started, you knew exactly where this was going. Ice Cream put on one of the most ridiculous performances I’ve ever seen. But honestly, I didn’t hate it. And he pulled it off, in my opinion! Confidence is everything here and Ice Cream had just that. He did seem relieved when it was over though!

Guesses: Jenny guesses someone on YouTube or maybe Rob Dyrdek. Ken says he thinks he’s a gamer, maybe PewDiePie? And Jenny and Robin guess Diplo and Calvin Harris. Nicole goes in a different direction, guessing Evan Spiegel, the creator of Snapchat. When asked, the audience seems to think it’s Marshmello!

SMACKDOWN: Ice Cream vs. Ladybug

This time around, Ice Cream was up against the Ladybug, after they lost to the Tree and Rottweiler. This should be an interesting Smackdown! But I have a feeling the Ladybug may be a shoe-in here.

Ice Cream: Ice Cream was up first this time around. He sang “Whip It” and again, it was super entertaining! He commanded the stage too. Overall, I was impressed by him.

Ladybug: The Ladybug followed it up with “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” There’s no denying she has vocal talent. She even ends with another solid high note. While she was performing, Ice Cream sat cross-legged on the ground swaying along. You gotta love that!

But the judges and audience decided that the second Masked Singer to be revealed tonight would be Ice Cream! He lost the Smackdown to Ladybug, meaning he was eliminated from the show tonight.

FOX The Masked Singer Egg and Ice Cream reveals

First Two Celebrities UNMASKED!

Egg Reveal: The first reveal of The Masked Singer season 2 is the Egg. After all the pre-season hype, this is a bummer to see him eliminated so soon! The Egg was revealed to be…Johnny Weir, Olympic figure skater and commentator!

Ice Cream Reveal: And the second reveal of the night was Ice Cream. He was unmasked and it was…Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the video game streamer and YouTuber! But I’m pretty sure Jenny was the only judge who had any idea who he was.

That’s it for the season 2 premiere of The Masked Singer! Join us again for Group C next Wednesday, at 8:00pm on FOX.

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