Singing Twin Brothers Fascinate in ‘Canada’s Got Talent’ Audition

The Turnbull brothers on 'Canada's Got Talent'Turnbull Brothers via Instagram

Cape Breton musician Evan Turnbull initially performed on stage as a single auditionee, seemingly with nothing special to offer. Yet, when his twin Aaron joined him, judges and audience may have actually agreed that Canada’s Got Talent may have found two stars in-the-making.

Evan Turnbull, Aaron Turnbull Impress in Their Canada’s Got Talent Audition

Driving approximately 25 hours to Ontario, Canada to take a shot at the competition, Turnbull brothers wanted to make sure that they would have a chance. Hence, they’ve thought of an unusual way to present themselves on stage.

Introducing himself as a solo artist at first, Evan stated that he wanted music to be his career. He then began strumming his guitar and singing to “My Maria” by American country music duo Brooks & Dunn.

Subsequently, from a spot in the audience, his twin Aaron started joining him on stage. This moment elicited surprised reactions from both judges and audiences, with them giving the twins intense claps of awe.

“That’s exactly what Canada’s Got Talent is all about. Not only fantastic talent, fantastic surprises,” Howie Mandel said after the performance.

Judge Trish Stratus praised them as well, claiming that “Turnbull Brothers” is going to be a name that “people are going to be talking about.” All four judges loved the performance, prompting them to send the twins to the next round.

They Say that the Support They’re Getting Has “Been a Dream”

Talking to CTV Atlantic for an interview, Aaron mentioned that they were amazed by the support that they’ve received since their audition. Interestingly, they are the only Nova Scotians out of the 82 acts that Canada’s Got Talent will be featuring this season.

“We were in shock more than anything, to be honest, we didn’t realize we’d get that good of a response from them,” he said.

During the airing of their audition, Turnbull Brothers’ friends, family and fans grabbed the chance to watch the two perform on television. Indeed, the singing duo has an extensive support system from their own town.

“The amount of support that we’ve got just in the past 24 hours, the amount of text messages we’ve been receiving of support from everybody – it’s been a dream,” Aaron said.

Canada’s Got Talent airs every Tuesday, 8/7c on Citytv.

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