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Simon Cowell Says ‘AGT’ Quick Change Artist Lea Kyle is ‘the Best in the World’

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Lea Kyle is making everyone forget about her wardrobe malfunction in the America’s Got Talent Semifinals. The quick change artist blew everyone away in the live finale with her new routine. Simon Cowell raved about Lea’s performance and has become one of her biggest fans.

Simon Cowell Praises Lea Kyle on ‘AGT’ After Amazing Finale Performance

Lea’s AGT performance this week followed a fresh new storyline. She emerged from a vault and popped a bag of confetti. This led to the first of many awesome quick changes. The stage was set to look like an art museum. All of her outfits looked like something you would see at a high-end store.

The best part of the routine was when Lea stood in front of pictures of the judges. She changed into outfits inspired by each of the judges’ outfits. Cowell’s green suit in the photo and Lea’s green mini dress was such a fun pop of color. Lea ended the routine in a stunning blue gown. The judges were up on their feet.

“You have been amazing this entire season but today was the best,” Heidi Klum said to her Golden Buzzer.


Klum did mention that seeing the act live in person is better. Watching it on television is already so awesome. I can only imagine seeing the miraculous outfit changes up close. Sofia Vergara agreed that it was Lea’s best performance on the show. Cowell did offer up a bit of criticism that I actually agree with.

“It was too quick in terms of the act,” he said. “Honestly, this was a step up from what we’ve seen so far.”

Why Was Lea’s Routine So Short?

Lea’s routine was over in the blink of an eye. Her changes were super quick, but it felt as if she was only on stage for like 30 seconds. It was very odd considering last week, Peter Antoniou had almost eight whole minutes of screen time. Viewers at home will all probably agree that they wanted to see more of Lea’s act.

“I genuinely do believe you are the best in the world,” Cowell added.

Howie Mandel agreed that she is the best quick change artist that he has ever seen. In past performances, I really wanted to see more changes and less preparation to make those changes happen. Production obviously worked with Lea this week to make the act feel like the complete package.

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