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Sexual Harassment Video Of America’s Got Talent’s Wrongly Incarcerated Archie Williams Surfaces

Sexual Harassment Video Of America's Got Talent's Wrongly Incarcerated Archie Williams SurfacesInstagram/NBC

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AGT viewers have been inspired by the story of contestant Archie Williams, who was wrongly incarcerated for 37 years and finally got justice in 2019. His performance of an Elton John classic moved America to tears and he became an online sensation overnight. However, fans of social media star Lovely Peaches have a different idea of the viral singer based on this video below. Read on to find out the details of this story as well as Archie Williams’ response through his lawyer.

Is this Archie Williams sexually harassing Lovely Peaches?

Followers of lovely Peaches (real name Brittany Johnson) are circulating a recorded video from Peaches’ Instagram Live in which a man who looks and sounds like Archie Williams appears to be sexually harassing her. Watch the full video to see how the social media star who’s had her own share of controversies seems to be in fear as she tries to get away from him.

‘AGT’ Star Archie Williams Sexually Harasses ‘Lovely Peaches’

On Thursday, an AGT fan account on Instagram posted clips of a man who looks and sounds exactly like Archie making vulgar comments toward Lovely Peaches, and then following her into a public bathroom. The post points out that they are both from Louisiana.

Several people on Twitter have also connected Archie with the video, which was apparently live on Peaches’ Instagram account in January of this year. A 15-minute, unedited recording of the video was posted on YouTube at the time. ‘Some commenters have remarked that the man in the video is now on America’s Got Talent.


Archie Williams auditions for “America’s Got Talent.”

The man in the video can be heard making continuous advances toward Peaches, who mostly remains silent. “You turn me on,” he tells her, along with other sexual remarks. Later, she enters the women’s bathroom and films him lurking at the entrance. She calls him “annoying,” explaining that she gave him her number in a Subway restaurant, and he followed her.

Based on what Peaches says in the video, the incident seems to have taken place at a bus stop. She refers to him as a pastor at one point. However, Archie has not been reported to be a pastor — he was just released from prison last year.


Who Is Lovely Peaches?

Lovely Peaches is no stranger to controversy herself. The 19-year-old became famous for a TikTok called “Burnin’ ‘N’ Itchin'” and has a million followers on Instagram. According to Distractify, she has posted disturbing videos involving bodily fluids and talked about hurting her baby daughter Cora.

There is currently a Change.org petition to investigate or arrest Peaches. 35,000 people have signed it. She recently deleted her TikTok account, and there was a rumor that she had died which turned out to be false.

Archie Williams Responds To The Sexual Harassment Video

Talent Recap reached out to Archie Williams, NBC Universal, and America’s Got Talent for a comment on the matter and received this response from Archie’s lawyer, Brian T. Dunn.

We are saddened that a man who should be enjoying his newfound freedom after being incarcerated for 36 years for a crime he didn’t commit, finds himself the victim of an exploitative individual desperate for likes, follows and generating click-bait, regardless of the human toll.

Not only is Archie Williams finally free, his talents are also being celebrated at the highest level, truly showing the world that no matter how far down one falls in life we all have the ability to get back up again.

With the understanding that many aspects of Archie’s experience have not been reported, we remain focused on the many positive things Archie is now experiencing and remain committed to helping him navigate a world that changed completely while he was wrongfully imprisoned. 

For the last 36 years, Archie Williams has had his life and freedom stripped away from him, and his story demonstrates injustice from the purest form of police misconduct that has continually plagued the American criminal justice system. When his story is truly understood, the importance of preserving his dignity against further exploitation cannot be underestimated. Through it all, Archie’s story represents a triumph of the human spirit through unimaginable adversity.  We must not allow the strength and power of his spirit to be sullied by those who would seek to profit by slandering his name.

Archie Was Wrongly Imprisoned For 37 Years

In 1982, a woman was raped and stabbed in Louisiana. Archie was convicted of the crime and sentenced to life in prison. With help from the Innocence Project, Archie was exonerated and released in 2019 due to fingerprint analysis.


Archie’s performance of Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me” earned four “yes” votes from the judges, sending him to the next round. Simon Cowell was so inspired by Archie’s story that he joined the Innocence Project as an Ambassador. Elton John himself tweeted his praise, and Archie says the singer called him personally.

Now that this video has surfaced, we have to wonder if it will affect Archie’s chances going forward in the competition. Even if the show allows him to continue, we imagine it might influence people’s decision to vote for him if he reaches the live shows.

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