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Season 2 ‘Lego Masters’ Duo Beat Last Seasons Winner in a Lego Competition


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Brothers Mark and Steven Erickson have been building Legos for a decade and are looking to win big on this season of Lego Masters. The Erickson Brothers recognized a familiar face when they were watching the first season of the show last year.

Mark and Steven got to compete against Tyler Clites at a Lego competition. They actually ended up beating Tyler at the competition and are not shy to brag about it. Tyler and his wife Amy won Lego Masters in Season 1. Tyler’s Lego skills are elite, so if the Erickson’s were able to beat him at the thing he is best at, imagine how far they will go this season.

Mark and Steven Erickson Beat Last Seasons ‘Lego Master’s Winner in a Competition

Producers were looking to cast Mark and Steven in the first season of Lego Masters but they had prior engagements. They were once again asked to join the show for Season 2 which was filmed in Atlanta, their hometown. Though they look calm and collected on the show, they definitely were feeling the stress of the challenges while filming.

“Not only are you looking at this giant LED clock telling you how much time you have left to build this awesome piece of art, there’s all these cameras watching you,” Mark said describing the experience to FOX 5. “You’re just, like, sweating bullets!”

After years of posting their Lego creations online and attending conventions, the duo are hoping to snatch the $100,000 prize just like Tyler and Amy did last year. Tyler, a model designer, and Amy, a piano teacher, were newlyweds when they decided to take on all of the colorful challenges that Lego Masters threw at them.

They won three challenges before being named the winners of the entire competition. Many felt the outcome was a little predictable, and others were shocked that their relationship withstood the stress of the competition. On the show, they announced that they were expecting their first child. The couple paid homage to parenthood in the final challenge with their bird’s nest creation. The brick masters found their final piece to be beautiful with a moving message. Tyler and Amy welcomed their baby boy Timothy in July 2020 after winning the show.

Which team of artists are you rooting for on Season 2 of Lego Masters?

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Alvah Dong
Alvah Dong
2 years ago

they won with a fanominale build and it is awsome i will go see it at lego land  🥳 

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